Two wheel Based - Cargo Bikes

With the two wheel based cargo bike you will ride fast and keep you toddlers safe and infront of you!

This special type of cargo bike cycles just like an ordinary bicycle, the only difference is the box in between the steering wheel and front wheel. The front wheel is connected with the steering wheel by a so called “steering connecting rod”. Equally to an ordinary bicycle you maintain a balance by forward movement. You need to use the stand to keep the bakfiets in balance when it is not moving, compared to the three wheel based cargo bike which can just balance by itself.

The advantages of a 2-wheel based cargo bike are:

  • - The factory fitted seatbelts let you safely transport you children,
  • - Normaly fitted with one bench that can carry two toddlers, when fitted with an extra bench this number rises to four children,
  • - Kids can climb in when the bike is on the standard stand,
  • - Affordable! Prices from £1.299,-
  • - Due to two wheels instead of three, there is not that much friction and it will easily increase your speed. 
  • - Can be assembled with an electric motor, take a look at our Electric cargo bikes

Our two wheel based cargo bikes:

Babboe City
Cargo Bike Babboe City

Babboe Electric City
Cargo Bike Babboe City-E

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