With or Without Electric Assistance?

Imagine: a fully loaded box and still cycle with great ease!  Without any afford you can transport your children from home to school, work, shops, playing grounds and then return back home. Also a great alternative if grandma/pa want to take the children for a spin. Many parents chose this concept instead of a car and are now living the green life themselves.

The revolution of the Babboe Electric Cargo Bike

In 2008 we received our first request from parents for an electric Cargo Bike. We worked with experts in electric pedal assistance, and together we crafted the first electric cargo bike. Babboe was amazed after experiencing the advantages of an electric cargo bike. Babboe immediately decided to implement an electric motor in every version of Babboe Cargo Bike. Within a year of testing on quality, safety and still being affordable for and with parents and children, we successfully launched our first electric Babboe Cargo Bike!

Latest electric cargo bikes: Babboe City & Curve MountainBabboe City and Curve Mountain

The Babboe Mountain is the cargo bike with the most powerful engine and highest torque. It allows you to easily cover greater distances, cycle very smoothly and neither a hill nor a bridge will pose a problem on your way. The Babboe Mountain is available in a three-weel electric cargo bike, The Babboe Curve Mountain and in a two-wheel electric cargo bike, the Babboe City Mountain. The Babboe Mountain is driven by a Yamaha mid-drive motor with a force sensor and uses Nuvinci stepless shifting. The combination provides a super smooth cycling experience. The Babboe Mountain has a strong battery with a large range and is fully equipped with the best parts and smart solutions. It has the strength to get you through the mountains, and the smoothness to get you easy and in a comfortable way through the city.
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Electric three-wheel cargo bike: Babboe Big-E

Babboe Big-E

Babboe used a 36V/250W maintenance free electric motor in the first sold electric Cargo Bike in 2009. The engine is nicely and near invisible mounted on the rear wheel axis. After a couple of pedalling movements, the engine will start automatic and assist the driver with a constant power. A turbo button is mounted on the steering wheel to give a temporary boost, for example if you approach a hill. The battery indicator is located on the same spot as the turbo button and displays the battery life. The motor is fitted right below the rear carrier. The battery range is approximately 25 miles*. After use you can easily disconnect the battery and recharge it in your own house, within 4 hours the battery is fully charged.
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Electric two-wheel cargo bike: Babboe City-EBabboe City E

This modern type of cargo bike has been improved and now is even more modern! The Babboe City-E was introduced in September 2011 with a range of 25 to 35 miles*. This fast two-wheel based bike is equipped with a 36V/250W maintenance free electric motor. Three different gears will help you get to your desired speed and the automatic stop function will kick in when you brake or stop cycling. A great feature is the “walking pace”-button, when continuously pressed the bike will move at the speed of 3.5miles per hour. The different gears, buttons and indicators about the battery are located on the steering wheel. The lightweight Lithium-Ion battery is placed underneath the bench inside the box, which can easily be removed and plugged in at home to charge it within 4 hours.
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Modern electric three-wheel cargo bike: Babboe Curve-E

Babboe Curve-EAfter the success of the Babboe City, Babboe decided to equip a new tricycle with the modern looking beech wood. After months of research, testing and developement, The Babboe Curve Cargo Bike was ready for production. With a couple of more improvements, especially in safety because of the higher box and soft round corners, this cargo bike became of great value. The Babboe Curve is equipped with extra thick Schwalbe tyres, which improve the comfort. Even for the little toddlers there is a Maxi-Cosi carrier for safe transport inside the box. The Babboe Curve is considered chic with the colour combination anthracite grey – cognac together with the sturdy coated wooden box.
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* The range may differ depending on the load of the cargo bike, tire pressure, the slope of the surface and the effort of the cyclist.

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