Why a Babboe Cargo Bike?

Every family deserves a fun, safe and practical cargo bike. With this in mind, in 2006 Babboe was founded as a Dutch initiative by parents, for parents. As young parents ourselves we searched in vain for the ideal cargo bike, and this is why we have decided to do something about it. But what makes a good cargo bike? We always ask this question to other parents. Because of the results of this continuous research, it has enabled us to create the ideal family cargo bike.

Babboe Big Babboe City Babboe Curve
Babboe Big Babboe City Babboe Curve


Comfortable & fun

Cycling on a cargo bike with your children in the box is less difficult than you think. It takes little effort and besides that, you will always find a parking spot. A Babboe cargo bike is not only comfortable but fun also. Your children are seated in front of you with a three-point safety belt in a sturdy, wooden box. This allows you to chat with your children and keep an eye on them as well. Babboe has developed a special Maxi-Cosi carrier for babies, in which even the youngest passenger from 2-3 months can join the ride. For toddlers, pre-schoolers and older children, there are special seats and cushions. Of course we also have other accessories such as a rain cover and a sun shade to make the cargo bike ride even more comfortable and fun.

Tested for safety

All Babboe models have been tested for safety and durability by testing authorities SGS and TÜV. Our cargo bikes are equipped with excellent features such as: a PEFC-certified wooden container, Shimano gears and brakes, double-walled rims, extra strong spokes, an ART-approved lock, and many other quality parts. Babboe meets the needs of young parents by providing a safe cargo bike.

Dutch quality

The Babboe cargo bike is a traditional Dutch product from the country where children learn to ride a bike as soon as they can walk. Each Babboe model was developed by a Dutch engineering company that is specialised in designing bikes. Based on the experiences of young parents, our cargo bikes are developed and optimised. It is a continuous process of quality improvement. With a variety of models, you will always find a Babboe cargo bike that suits you. A nimble two-wheeler or a spacious, sturdy three-wheeler, with or without electric assistance and plenty of accessories.

Electric Babboe Cargo Bikes

Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike Babboe City Electric Cargo Bike Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike
Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike Babboe City Electric Cargo Bike Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

Cycling on a Babboe Cargo Bike takes little effort and to make it even easier, all models are available with electric assistance. Imagine having a permanent tailwind! With the electric cargo bikes you can cycle with any effort from home to school, the supermarket, work or the playground. With a range of 40-60 kilometres, Babboe offers a serious alternative to the car or public transport. The electric cargo bikes are extremely suitable for grandparents, babysitters and, of course, the whole family.

And finally

Would you like to find out how great the Babboe Cargo Bike is? Experience it for yourself! Check out the possibility of having a test ride at a the nearest Babboe Cargo Bike reseller or Ambassador. If you have any questions, the Babboe parents are happy to help you!

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