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Easy On, Easy Off easy-on-offBecause the frame between the bike seat and the carrier box is very low, it is very easy to step on and off of the Babboe. This is especially practical if you are a woman wearing a (tight)skirt, are pregnant or if you are little older.

Three or Seven Gears Three or Seven GearsWe have chosen gears from the famous brand, Shimano. The Babboe Big has either three or seven Shimano nexus gears and the Babboe City/ Curve has seven Shimano nexus gears. Both versions have an extra light first gear making it easy to get away on a hill or with a fully loaded box.

Drum Brakes Drum brakes on front and rear wheels make Babboe cargo bikes safer to ride, particularly in rainy weather. With rim brakes, tires can slip when they are wet. Because the drum brakes are built into the hub of the wheel, you can be sure they will always work well.

Parking Brake Parking BrakeWhen you get off the bike you want to be sure that the bike will stay still, especially when young children are climbing out or in of the box or when you are on a slope. This is why all Babboe cargo tricycles have a special parking brake, which you can easily apply and release. The Babboe City cargo bike is the only exception, this bakfiets has a stand which will deny movement when it stands still.

Child Friendly Steps Child Friendly Steps to get in the Cargo BikeWe believe it is very important that your children can safely and easily get into and out of the Babboe. This is why we have added two steps on each side of all of our Babboe cargo tricycles. This is not only safer for the children, but also more fun! The Babboe City cargo bike is fitted with one little mouse hole, the children can climb in and out if the cargo bicycle is on the stand.

Two Benches All versions of the Babboe cargo bikes are designed for up to four children. The Babboe Big and Curve come standard with two benches. Customers can purchase a second bench for the Babboe City in order to accommodate up to four children. In addition, the benches are positioned opposite of each other, which is more fun for you and your children.

Four 3-Point Seat Belts At Babboe we believe that when biking with small children secure seat belts are extremely important for extra safety. This is why all Babboe cargo bikes come standard with 3-point seat belts which require two adult hands to unclasp.

Maximum Load Space 100kg load spaceIf you want to transport large items, you can fold both benches of the Babboe Big versions up so the entire load space of the box is useable. This makes Babboe cargo bikes both flexible and very practical. The load space of the box is 1 ft 11 inch x 2 ft 11 inch (58 cm x 90 cm) on top and 1 ft 11 inch x 2 ft 10 inch (58 cm x 85 cm) at the bottom. The space between the benches when they are folded up is 2 ft 8 inch x 1 ft 11 inch (81.5 x 58 cm). Finally, the carrier box can hold up to 100 kilos of weight. The benches of the Babboe Curve are fixed, to remove them you need to take out a screw. The maximum load of the Curve is also 100 kilos of weight. The City has one fixed bench and can be arranged with an extra bench. For the City it is allowed to fill the box up to 80 kilos of weight.

Extra Strong Spokes The Babboe has special, extra strong spokes. The wheels, and therefore the spokes, of a cargo bike have to carry more weight than a regular bike. Consequently, we believe that extra strong spokes are vital!

LED Lights LED lightsFor extra safety we have chosen LED lights for our Babboe cargo bikes. Unlike other companies, Babboe provides, as standard, lights for the front and back of the bike. These lights help you to see and be seen when there is less visibility on the road.

Handlebar Controls Handlebar ControlsOn the Babboe, all controls are safely and practically placed on the handlebars. The Shinamo Nexus gears can be shifted without releasing the grips. In addition, the brakes can be accessed from the handlebars. The electric cargo bikes have a control panel mounted on the steering wheel.

Rain Tent Corner Mountings Because it rains frequently, you can separately order a rain tent from Babboe. To facilitate putting up and taking down of the rain tent, we developed special corner mountings which come standard with the Babboe. The poles of the rain tent can easily be inserted into these corner mountings. It is convenient and fast!

Tilt Stoppers Anti-tilts to prevent tipping overThe Babboe Big versions have special tilt stoppers underneath the carrier box. Imagine that for some reason you have to take a sharp turn, this could lead to the box turning too far and the bicycle turning over. Even though the risk is small, we wanted to avoid this from happening so we added tilt stoppers to ensure that riding a Babboe cargo bike is stable and smooth even through turns. Tilt stoppers are not included for the Babboe City as it rides like a normal bike.

Steering Dampers Steering dempersBecause safety is so important when transporting young children on a bike all Babboe cargo bikes have been fitted with special steering dampers located under the carrier box. These steering dampers help to ensure that steering is smooth, stable and easy around turns and even over bumps or pot holes in the ground. For safety reasons we advise you to always buy a cargo bike with high quality steering dampers, not with damaged prone springs.

Reflective Pedals & Tires Reflective pedals and tiresIt goes without saying that the Babboe comes with non-slip, reflective pedals and tires. This will make you more visible on the road and therefore safer.

Quick Release Seat Post Clamp Quick release for sadleA cargo bike is often used by the whole family. When mum and dad have to use a Babboe Big it is very practical if the saddle can easily be moved up and down. This is why we have chosen a “quick release” seat post clamp for the Babboe Big versions, which allows you to adjust the saddle quickly and without hassle.

Galvanised Frame Galvanised FrameThe whole frame is galvanised and has a solid powder coating. The advantage of galvanizing is that the bike is less likely to rust, has a brighter gloss and colour and can better withstand scratching.

Accessories The toy bar at the front of the Babboe Big box has been specially designed for toys to be attached to it. You and your children will love to decorate the Babboe with different accessories.

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