Babboe Mountain Cargo Bikes

Why a Babboe Mountain Cargo Bike?

Young families should be able to cycle with their kids in an easy and comfortable way, even though it is a long distance, or a route with bridges, hills or even mountains. Babboe makes everyday life for young families easier and more enjoyable. With the Babboe Mountain Cargo Bike young families can take the kids everywhere, it does not matter what the route looks like. The Babboe Mountain never lets you down.
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Explore the Babboe Mountain yourself!

Advantages of the Babboe Mountain

The Babboe Mountain gives the best and easiest rides, he takes you everywhere.The Babboe Mountain is the cargo bike with the most powerful engine, highest torque and a strong battery with a large range. The Babboe Mountain is fully equipped with the best parts and smart solutions. The Babboe Mountain Cargo Bike has the strength to get you through the mountains, and the smoothness to get you easy and in a comfortable way through the city. 

Babboe Mountain City and Curve 

The Babboe City Mountain is based on the regular two-wheel Babboe City. The two-wheel Babboe City is a smooth riding and easy manoeuvrable cargo bike and cycles similar to a ordinary bicyle. 

The Babboe Curve Mountain is based on the regular three-wheel Babboe Curve. The three-wheel Babboe Curve is a sturdy, comfortable cargo bike, easy to park and when stationary very stable. 
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