Box Decals - Custom design (three sides)


The Babboe cargo bike is an ideal way to advertise your business. You have the possibility to have box decals made with a personal design or logo and slogan of your company. As soon as your Babboe cargo bike appears on the streets, you are promoting your business! The stickers are UV and weather resistant, which makes them long-lasting and fade resistant.

Please note that the set of box decals includes decals for the three sides and the lid. A box decal for the back (the side of the steering wheel) is not included in this set!

Use a considerable amount of soapy water and keep a squeegee handy to get the tightest possible result. If you want to remove the stickers after a certain time, make sure to apply a new coat of varnish to the box as it may be damaged from removing the stickers and this makes the box vulnerable. Are you ordering a cargo bike at the same time as the box decals? You can have Babboe apply the decals to your cargo bike. Are you providing your own design or picture? Please read our detailed instructions for submission and application of images.

Product Specifications

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