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Babboe Black Friday!

10% discount on 150 black Babboe cargo bikes
10% discount on all black accessories

Babboe Black Friday 2019: 29 nov - 2 dec
On November 29th it’s Black Friday worldwide! And Babboe also celebrates this day. Starting on Black Friday (Nov. 29) and ending on Cyber Monday (Dec. 2) everyone will get a 10% discount on a Babboe cargo bike with a black cargo box and also on all black accessories. These models are available within the promotion: Babboe Big, Babboe Big-E, Babboe City, Babboe City-E, Babboe Curve and the Babboe Curve-E.

Use this discount code: BLACKFRIDAY19

While supplies last! Per cargo bike model we only have 50 black ones in stock.

View the list of black accessories here

So do you want a stylish black Babboe and / or our black accessories? Then use this promotion during Babboe Black Friday!

Babboe City

Babboe City / City-E

The Babboe City is a solid two-wheel cargo bike with a sporty feel. Agile, fast and light. Its slender design makes this cargo bike very practical on busier roads. It is easily manoeuvrable in traffic, even with a full box.

  • Suitable for 1-2 children
  • Sporty and agile, Handles like a regular bike
  • Ideal to use in the city and for long distances
  • Also available with electric assistance

Babboe CityBabboe City-E

Babboe Curve

Babboe Curve / Curve-E

The Babboe Curve cargo bike is a contemporary 3-wheel cargo bike with the highest quality standards at an affordable price. An elegant three-wheel cargo bike with a beautiful luxury design with enough space for up to 4 children.

  • Suitable for 1-4 children
  • Elegant and stable
  • Large box with rounded shapes
  • Luxury design
  • Also available with electric assistance

Babboe CurveBabboe Curve-E

Babboe Big

Babboe Big / Big-E

The Babboe Big cargo bike is a sturdy three-wheel cargo bike with enough room to transport up to 4 children. The Babboe Big is a high-quality cargo bike with smart design. Order your Babboe cargo bike now!

  • Suitable for 1-4 children
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Large box for children or groceries
  • Folding benches
  • Also available with electric assistance

Babboe BigBabboe Big-E

Terms and conditions Babboe Black Friday

  • 10% discount on: Babboe Big, Babboe Big-E, Babboe City, Babboe City-E, Babboe Curve and the Babboe Curve-E.
  • 10% discount on all black accessories.
  • Only valid for the above mentioned models with a black cargo box.
  • Only valid for these black accessories: see overview
  • Valid for non-electric and electric versions (only: E-version, not: Mountain-version).
  • Only valid for cargo bikes ordered in the period November 29 to December 2, 2019.
  • Not valid in combination with other promotions.
  • Not valid for cargo bike parts.