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Babboe Big vs Max-E

Babboe Big vs Max-E

Anita compares the Babboe Big and the Babboe Max-E. What are the pros and cons?

Before I received the Babboe Max-E, I was using the Babboe Big. I thought it would be fun to look at the differences. Obviously, there is one big difference that is particularly important to childminders and large families. The Babboe Max-E has room for two extra kids. Childminder can mind up to 6 children, and it’s very nice if all those children can fit in the cargo bike. I would often have children ride their own bike while I rode the Babboe Big, but it made me a bit nervous. Now they all sit in the cargo bike and it’s a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, guaranteed!
In my opinion, the Babboe Max-E has another big advantage when it comes to getting in and out. I no longer need to help the children! They open the door and get in the cargo bike on their own. I check whether everyone is buckled and off we go. With the Babboe Big, I had to lift all the little ones into the box. So from a health and safety point of view, I think the Babboe Max-E is more appealing. I was lifting kids in and out of the cargo bike at least 6 times a day.

Another advantage is the space in the cargo bike. In the Babboe Big I couldn’t lay a buggy on the floor without someone stepping on it. My bigger kids were always responsible for holding the buggy. The Babboe Max-E allows me to fit the buggy underneath one of the benches. Bags can then be stored underneath the other bench. It has now become a nice routine.
I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the speed limiter. I really love how it brakes evenly when going downhill. I don’t need to do anything! I also think it’s a must for your own safety and the safety of other road users. The Babboe Max-E is large and heavy. High speed has inherent dangers. Just think of having to brake too hard, what happens with the children in the box?
However, I would prefer the speed only to be limited at 20 km/h. I love cycling at a good speed on those nicely paved, clear bike paths.

Finally, I would like to mention a practical point. Mornings are often early and rushed. Everyone eat, put your jackets on, put your shoes on, pack your bags, go-go-go-go! Everyone sits together in the cargo bike and in my opinion it’s a great moment to run through that day’s schedule. In the Babboe Max-E, everyone sits facing each other, so it’s easy to make eye-contact with everyone. My oldest one is ‘tent assistant’. He keeps the flap open, so that everyone can hear me. Without a tent it’s going to be super easy.
I think it’s clear that as a childminder I can no longer live without the Babboe Max-E. I’m also completely used to the size of the cargo bike. To me, the Babboe Big no longer seems as big.

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Babboe Big vs Max-E