Biking with dogs is a joy

biking with dogs

You on your bike. Your dog next to you on a lead. You look to your side and see their tongue panting away and their ears flapping in the wind. Running alongside your bike can be a good form of exercise for your dog. Moving straight ahead at a regular pace like this helps to build up a dog's muscles without excessive stress on their joints. Running alongside a bike isn't recommended for all dogs however. Some breeds are less or completely unsuitable for this due to their build or size. It is therefore extremely important to keep a close eye on your dog's health if you want to go biking with them.

Biking with your dog in a cargo bike 

There are also other options for people who want to go biking with their dogs. A cargo bike is perfect if your dog is too young, too old or unable to run alongside your bike for physical reasons. It's also ideal if you like biking long distances or if it's too hot for your dog to go running. Biking in the fresh air with your dog to a place to go for a walk is a wonderful sensation. A cycle to a park or a stretch of water which is a little further afield can be super fun. All using a cargo bike. Put your dog in the box and get biking!

Safe dog cargo bikes

Dog cargo bikes are available in a range of sizes and models. The most important thing about this kind of cargo bike is safety. The bike must be stable, even when turning corners. Babboe dog cargo bikes are trikes. The three wheels provide enough stability to allow you to always cycle away effortlessly. The ramp on the Babboe Dog and the door on the Babboe Go make getting on and off the bike an easy task for your dog. Dogs of all ages will have no problem getting themselves on board.

Practicing with the dog cargo bike

Practising with your cargo bike is a step-by-step process. First teach your dog to sit in the box. Let your dog have a good sniff and then try to tempt them into the box with a tasty treat. You can also teach them to stay in the box for a longer period of time. Going well so far? Then try walking a short distance with your dog on your bike while rewarding them for sitting still in the box. After this you can try biking a short distance with your dog. Once they've got used to it, biking with your dog will be a real joy!

Dog cargo bike Babboe
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biking with dogs
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Dog cargo bike Bullingadogs
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