7 cargo bike maintenance tips

7 cargo bike maintenance tips

So that you can enjoy your Babboe cargo bike for as long as possible, it is important to service and maintain it properly. Seven tips to extend the life of your cargo bike.

  1. Regular tightening of cargo bike spokes

    Loose spokes can wear, and even break over a longer period. Especially when the bike is still new, the spokes should be tightened regularly. If the spokes are loose, the cargo bike is unstable and also has greater rolling resistance. A specialist bike shop will be able to assist with this.
  2. Greasing cables properly, especially in winter

    Cables stretch over time. Regularly tightening and greasing the brake cables and gear cable will preserve optimum functionality. The cables should definitely be greased before the cold winter period to prevent the cables freezing, with the associated loss of function.
  3. Checking brakes and gears work properly from time to time

    It is easy to check yourself whether the brakes and gear shifting are working properly. Using the video instructions as a guide, for different types of brakes and gearshifts you can see what you need to check.
  4. Checking tyres and tyre pressures regularly

    We recommend checking the tyres for wear and damage regularly. Furthermore, cycling is easier if the tyres are inflated regularly, and the tyres will also last longer. The ideal tyre pressure is 4.2 bar. In the online shop here you can find a pump with pressure gauge. The tyres can also be pumped up with a normal/commercial air pump.
  5. Preventing and treating cargo bike rust formation

    If rust spots appear despite all preventive measures, they should be treated immediately with (liquid) Vaseline. This will prevent further rusting of the Babboe cargo bike. To prevent rust forming, any paint damage can be treated with a paint touch-up pen in the relevant colour. For example using the Motip touch-up pen - high-gloss black You can order these from the Babboe customer service team or find them in car parts shops.
  6. Maintaining cargo bike transport box and protecting against weather damage

    The transport box of the Babboe Big, Dog and Transporter is made of European birch plywood with a pore-sealing epoxy resin layer (Betonplex boards). The panels consist of nine veneered layers, which are impregnated with waterproof glue (phenolic resin) and cross-bonded to each other. For effective weather protection, the edges are treated with an edge sealant. The birch plywood used meets the CARB standard and the wood comes from FSC certified forests.

    The transport box of the other Babboe models is made of European beech pressed into a curved shape for additional strength and safety with rounded corners (no sharp edges). The transport box has the European PEFC mark. The full product manufacture - from the raw materials to the finished product ready for use - is certified and inspected by independent assessors.

    All transport boxes are treated to protect them against moisture. Nevertheless, wood is a material which requires maintenance. As soon as bare wood is visible, it must be treated again. For this we recommend using Sigmavar WS Satin. Lightly sand the areas with damaged paint, clean and degrease the wood. Then apply the stain. Allow the first coat of stain to dry well before applying additional coats. Please apply at least three coats.

  7. Storing the cargo bike protected

    We recommend always covering the transport box to protect the wood from rain and other weather effects. The transport boxes of the Babboe cargo bikes can be protected with a rain cover or a tarpaulin. If it not possible to store the cargo bike indoors, we recommend the cargo bike protection cover. This cover fits over the whole Babboe cargo bike and protects the bike and the transport box against rain etc.
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