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Delivery bikes

Food truck bikes help innovate businesses

Did you know that the Babboe Pro cargo bikes can help you as a business to create a food truck bike? A food truck does not have to be so large and obvious in order to stand out. In fact, it is exactly the nostalgic food trucks in the form of a cargo bike that are an amazing thing to see at parties, festivals and events.

Babboe at Eurobike, the biggest bicycle trade show in Europe

The 29th edition of Eurobike, the largest bicycle trade fair in Europe, took place from September 1-4, 2021. In the German city of Friedrichshafen on the shoreline of Lake Constance, Babboe introduced its newest cargo bikes: the Babboe Go, Babboe Carve and Babboe Flow. The Babboe Pro cargo bikes were also presented at the fair.

Last mile delivery with the Babboe Pro delivery bike

Over the last year, parcel couriers have delivered a record number of packages. This increase is largely due to the COVID-19 crisis. It was particularly (exceptionally) busy at the beginning of the lockdown because more and more people were shopping online. Many experts believe this growth to continue because people have grown accustomed to shopping online. It is therefore vital that retailers invest in Last Mile Delivery: the last stage of the delivery process before a product reaches the customer. The Babboe Pro delivery bike can help with this.

Choose the perfect delivery bike

Babboe Pro Trike, Babboe Pro Bike, or do you go for the biggest variant, the Babboe Pro Trike XL? Different delivery bikes with different box options. But how do you select the perfect delivery bike for your situation? You can choose a delivery bike based on various factors: the volume of your goods, the type of bike, the type of electric support, or the look.

5 benefits of a Babboe Pro delivery bike

This year, Babboe entered the transportation industry sector. The new Babboe Pro delivery bikes are the ideal modes of transportation for rapid, clean and cheap urban transport. Instead of the hassle of lugging goods from a parking space to the delivery location, you can now park right in front of the door. Here are five reasons why a Babboe Pro delivery bike is perfect for you.

Delivery bikes