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Babboe Pro Trike, Babboe Pro Bike, or do you go for the biggest variant, the Babboe Pro Trike XL? Different delivery bikes with different box options. But how do you select the perfect delivery bike for your situation? You can choose a delivery bike based on various factors: the volume of your goods, the type of bike, the type of electric support, or the look.

Volume of the box

The Babboe Pro Trike is the classic delivery bike for commercial transport, and has a wooden box with a traditional look. The box takes a volume of up to 265 litres (wood colour), or up to 300 litres (black colour). Both bikes can carry a weight of up to 80 kg.

The shape and volume of the Babboe Pro Bike and the Babboe Pro Trike XL are based on users' practical experience. The solid materials of the boxes make your delivery bike a real eye-catcher. The robust composite box of the Babboe Pro Bike really stands out with its beautiful lines. This delivery bike is highly suitable for bulk transport up to 350 litres and can carry a weight up to 87 kg. The Babboe Pro Trike XL can even replace part of the transport by polluting vans and is very suitable for ‘last mile delivery’. The composite box of 900 litres can carry a weight of up to 100 kg.

Delivery bike with two or three wheels

The Babboe Pro Bike is a two-wheeler and rides just like you're used to on your city bike. Only the pivot point of the front wheel is a bit further in front, but you soon get used to that. This delivery bike is hugely manoeuvrable, so you can easily thread your way through the busy streets. You do have to take the weight in the box into account when stopping and starting. This delivery bike can be set on a stand by just treading on the stand lever.

The Babboe Pro Trike and the Babboe Pro Trike XL are three-wheel delivery bikes. The box swivels along with the front wheel: you use your arms on the handle bars to steer the box and the wheels. You can remain seated on these delivery bikes, so you can easily ride away after stopping at busy cross-roads or traffic lights. These delivery bikes don't have a stand, but can be easily immobilised with a parking brake. This way the weight being carried doesn't have to be reckoned with when parking.

Electric assistance in the rear wheel or mid-drive motor

All delivery bikes in the Babboe Pro range are available with electric support. Should you want to use the delivery bike for short distances or as an advertising medium, then a regular delivery bike without electric support is sufficient. If you regularly have to transport heavy goods, then choose for a delivery bike with electric support on the rear wheel, or one with a mid-drive motor. It's even easier to pedal up hills with a mid-drive motor and you experience a natural pedal support. The mid-drive motor has a force sensor that adjusts the amount of support to the power that you supply with your legs. So it feels like your'e doing all the work yourself.


The Babboe Pro Trike is made of concrete form plywood panels and its smart rectangular construction makes it easy to arrange packages, crates or paperwork. The basic model is also suitable for applying advertising stickers, so you can promote your business while cycling. The Babboe Pro Trike is available in wood colour or black.

The Babboe Pro Bike and the Babboe Pro Trike XL are available in black or white. Both delivery bikes modes have a robust composite box that also makes them ideal as an advertising medium for your business. On both sides of the Babboe Pro Bike and the side areas of the Babboe Trike XL can display a nice logo sticker of your business. So the delivery bike can immediately serve as a free advertising medium for your business as it takes part in the streetscape.

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