Electric cargo bike or not?

All Babboe cargo bikes are also available in electric versions, and we’ve noticed, during testing days for example, that an increasing number of people are considering both the electric and the non-electric models when buying a cargo bike. However, at the same time, we hear from a lot of parents who bought a non-electric model that they regret their choice.
Because we understand that it’s a difficult choice, I would like to give an overview of all the advantages.

Always go at the right speed! With an electric cargo bike, it will be easier to bike longer distances. The electric pedal assistance gives you that little extra push you need sometimes.
Full box? No problem! Four children in front of you and also a bag of groceries? With electric pedal assistance, it won’t take you a minute longer.
A bridge or tunnel? Every city or village has one of those tunnels, bridges or hills, and you have to go over or through them more than you think. With an electric cargo bike, those bridges will no longer be a problem for you, even when your cargo bike is full.

A great alternative to a second car. Perhaps you really need a second car; but are you uncertain about whether or not to buy one? Consider an electric cargo bike! You can really use it like a car because your weekly groceries fit inside, even when your children are in it too. And, you find that longer distances won’t be a problem for you with an electric cargo bike. What’s more, you’ll notice that you’ll increasingly opt for the cargo bike instead of the car! Take a parking spot in front of the super market, and you’ll no longer be stuck in traffic because of that one busy traffic light in your neighbourhood where you always have to stop and wait. Furthermore, your children will enjoy the rides, even when it rains, because they’ll be protected under the rain tent. And, you’ll also be getting your daily workout! Win! Win! Right?

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