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Outdoor activities in autumn

Outdoor activities in autumn

The days are getting shorter, your umbrella is once again a standard accessory and scarves are also back on the scene. Autumn is here! And autumn is a great time for children to play outdoors. They’ll have the time of their lives playing with leaves, beechnuts, chestnuts and pinecones. So, here are four autumnal outdoor activity tips.

#1 Leaf pile
There’s nothing like playing in leaves. Kicking your feet through the leaves or falling backwards into a mountain of leaves. You know what’s even more fun? Exactly. Diving into a real leaf pile!

There’s probably a playground with a slide in your area. Found it? Pile as many leaves as possible on top of and underneath the bottom of the slide. The more leaves, the more special the outcome. Is the pile ready? Then the kids can zoom down the slide, right into the leaf pile.

#2 Three in a row
Noughts and crosses. Who doesn’t know that game? Have the children find four long branches, chestnuts and pinecones. Arrange the branches so that they create 9 squares. The chestnuts and pinecones are used as game pieces. Grab these autumnal game pieces and let’s play. The first to get three in a row wins the game!

#3 Autumnal art
Encourage your child’s inner artist. Collect as many chestnuts, leaves, beechnuts and pinecones as possible on a beautiful walk in the woods. With this these natural materials, along with some paint, crayons, pencils, glitter, stickers and glue, you can create a very beautiful painting on a piece of canvas, cardboard or heavy paper. When the artworks are finished, make a hole at the top and hang them up…

#4 Kiting
Homemade kites are a great activity on a breezy autumn day. But how do you go about making a kite?

Tie two sticks (or branches from the woods) together with thin string to form a cross. Cut the shape of a kite (diamond) from a piece of cardboard and attach it to the cross using glue or adhesive tape. Finish the kite with a tail made from a strip of fabric. Then tie a piece of string to both ends of the long stick. Finally, tie a long piece of fishing line to the middle of the cross, where the sticks intersect. This will be the kite line that keeps your kite in the air. Your homemade kite is ready to fly, much like leaves floating through the air.

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Outdoor activities in autumn