Testing bridges with the Max-E


I caved! The children really want to take the electric bike over the bridge on the way to school. For me, this really was a bridge too far with the Babboe Big without pedal assistance. But now with the electric Babboe Max-E I was willing to give it a try.

I tested the bridge secretly first on the way back from school with just a few little ones in the cargo bike. Usually, I cycle in mode 2 to 4 with a loaded box. So I was sure I had plenty of assistance to make it over a bridge. And there we went, starting in mode 2, 3, 4, 5… and I was almost at the top already. The bridge is a teaser, because there’s that last steep bit, so I put it in mode 6. But we made it to the top without having to use the maximum assistance.

But now it was time to test the cargo bike with a few more kilos in the box. The sun was shining, a gorgeous moment to really put the Babboe Max-E to the test! This time, there was 60 kilos in the box, instead of 12 kilos. This time, I did it without a run-up. It took a bit to get going, but eventually I cycled uphill with ease! I took the last steep bit in mode 8, but it was still easy peasy. I’ll be doing this bridge test again on a weekday, with the children I mind! I’m pretty sure I’ll be close to 90 kilos in the cargo bike. But I’m quite confident about it!
I hope that by sharing this experience I was able to eliminate any doubt regarding the cargo bike’s pedal assistance. It works like a charm.

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