What can your cargo bike do?

Do you know those parents who intentionally or unintentionally compare their child to your little one? With subtle questions about ‘whether he still has trouble sleeping through the night?’ (the bags under my eyes are apparently a giveaway…) or casually saying ‘oh, but Max was already completely potty trained when he was two!’ I have to make a confession. I’m one of those mothers. But, about my cargo bike rather than my kids…

I can see myself asking a mother at the playground ‘Oh, yours doesn’t have those handy steps, does it?’ And before you know it, I am listing all our cargo bike’s nice features…

  • That it has those handy steps with ridges, so the children can easily get in and out the box, without slipping;
  • That the battery is subtly placed under a bench in the box so that people have to look twice to be able to see whether it is an electric cargo bike or
  • I am just a very fit mother;
  • That the accelerations have honestly been designed by a brilliant mind. You don’t click from 1 to 2 and so on. No, you slide from the Alpe d’Huez (uphill) mode to the ‘Netherlands – the low country (flat land) mode ];
  • That you control the lights at the front and back with the buttons on the handlebars, so you will never forget to turn off the lights;
  • That there is good lighting at the front and back at all – even two lights at the front – so good that oncoming bikers yell at me while passing by that they initially thought I was in a microcar;
  • That the display lights up as soon as it gets dark;
  • That you can really keep track of everything with that display! How fast you’re going, how fast you go on average, how fast your fastest speed is, how many kilometres you’ve biked already, which pedal assistance is on, how full your battery still is and what time it is now. Brilliant! The only thing that’s missing is navigation.
  • That it has a parking brake, that’s also very practical when you have to wait for a traffic light on an uphill slope;
  • That there’s a handle below the seat, which makes manoeuvring super easy;
  • That you can ‘just’ fold the rain tent – which is made of super strong material and has fluorescent edges – up on two sides when kids have to get in or out the box;
  • That you can roll up and secure the two flaps of that same rain tent;
    And you know, secretly, I really like being this kind of cargo bike ‘mother’. Oh, and Boet indeed still doesn’t sleep through the night, but is already standing up at 6 months old. Your turn…

Camilla had her third child in mid-December. Little Boet is the perfect little brother for his big sister Asta (7 years old) and big brother Mauck (5 years old). He’s a brother so of course he’ll go on the road with them as the newest family member. Camilla doesn’t have a driving license, so she uses the bike a lot. For her, a cargo bike – the Babboe Curve Mountain in this case – is the perfect solution. Read about her first experiences with the cargo bike.

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