Your baby’s first cargo bike ride

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Taking your baby on his or her first cargo bike ride is a wonderful moment. Your world expands and your little one will enjoy being out and about with you. If it’s the first time taking your second (or third) child out in the cargo bike, it will be an unforgettable occasion for big brother or sister as well.

What should you keep in mind for a relaxed ride with your little one? Here’s a list.

When can your baby travel in the cargo bike?

As soon as your baby is about three months of age, he or she should be big enough to travel in the cargo bike. By then, babies are (usually) able to hold their heads up for a little longer. Use a baby seat to transport your child. Until the age of 4/5 months, a head and body support can be attached to the seat. If you have a cargo bike that allows the use of a Maxi-Cosi carrier, you can take your child along in a Maxi Cosi.

What should your baby wear when travelling in the cargo bike?

Ensure your baby is dressed warm: a comfortable footmuff or a warm blanket for the body, and a hat. If it’s cold outside, you could opt to install a rain tent on your cargo bike. This protects your child from the cold wind.

How long can you be out cycling?

Don’t make your first ride a long one. A first outing can leave quite an impression on both you and your baby. So, don’t go for a ride that lasts several kilometres, but limit your ride to about 15 minutes. If you notice your child isn’t keen on riding in the cargo bike, try again in a few weeks.

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