Bicycle with baby
Bicycle with baby

After 9 months of waiting, your little bundle of joy is finally here. The first few weeks just fly by. Your baby grows bigger and bigger and before you know it, you’ll be wanting to get back on your bike. Of course, together with your little one! But how old should your baby be before you can take him or her on a bike ride? And how do you safely bicycle with baby?

The minimum age to take your baby on bicycle rides depends entirely on your baby. Some babies are bigger than others, and some mature faster regardless of age. As soon as your baby is able to sit independently, you can cycle with him in a seat on the back or front of your bike. Usually, it’s somewhere between six and nine months of age. Before that age, it is not recommended to transport your child on a regular bicycle. Your baby’s back and neck muscles aren’t quite strong enough to withstand bumps, thumps and vibrations. However, with a cargo bike you can safely bicycle with baby much sooner, using a special baby seat or Maxi-Cosi carrier.

Cycling with a baby: Safety first
It is possible to safely cycle with young babies who are not yet able to sit independently.
It is safe to cycle with babies as young as 3 months in a cargo bike using a baby seat or Maxi-Cosi carrier. At that age they are (usually) able to keep their heads up a bit longer. In a cargo bike, your children sit right in front of you and you can keep an eye on them. Your baby will be protected by both the construction of the cargo bike and the seat.
Use a baby car seat that’s attached to the bike with a special carrier to transport your young baby on a regular bike. Please note: The rear carriers must comply with NEN(14872) 25kg.

Tips for extra safety
Make sure that the baby is always securely fastened using the proper mounting hardware and seat belts.
Don’t go on long cycling trips at first, just go on short bike rides.
Try to avoid vibrations and shocks, so that the baby feels comfortable.
Keep an eye on your baby. If your child isn’t comfortable, it’s time to take a break or stop.

Cargo bikes are preferred
Cycling with baby on a ‘regular’ bicycle is possible as soon as the baby is able to hold its head upright independently. A cargo bike allows you to cycle with baby before the age of six to nine months. Cycling with a baby in a cargo bike can be done from +/- 3 months. Safely cycle with your baby in a baby seat or a Maxi-Cosi carrier and a special mounting kit.

Which of these solutions fit your Babboe cargo bike?
Babboe Big: Baby seat
Babboe Carve: Baby seat, Maxi-Cosi carrier
Babboe City: Baby seat, Maxi-Cosi carrier
Babboe Curve: Baby seat, Maxi-Cosi carrier
Babboe Dog: Baby seat
Babboe Max: Baby seat
Babboe Mini: Baby seat
Babboe Slim: Maxi-Cosi carrier


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