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Business cargo bikes

Here you can find all business cargo bikes from the Babboe Pro range. All Babboe Pro cargobikes are available as with and without electrical assistance. Do you choose the Cargo Trike, the Cargo Bike or the the volume of the Cargo Trike XL? We designed a business cargo bike for everyone.

Business cargo bikes

In a distant past, entrepreneurs and individuals were already using cargo bikes to transport goods. These were traditional bicycles with a large, open, wooden box. They had a large capacity, but obviously they weren't very practical. With the emergence of cars and lorries, traditional cargo bikes continued to disappear from the streets. However, cities are becoming more and more congested, the environment is increasingly burdened, and the efficiency in delivering goods continues to decline. In addition, the ordering of goods, services and food online continues to increase. Due to an increasing number of lorries, towns are being choked by congestion, which forces entrepreneurs and local governments to start looking for an alternative, sustainable means of transport. With climate objectives such as the Green Deal, it’s becoming a more important subject on the agenda. These developments have brought the modern version of the cargo bike back to the streets. It’s a practical and commercially sustainable way to transport goods and provide services in a busy city. An additional benefit is that riders don't require a driving license and there’s always a spot to park at the delivery address.

Electric business cargo bike

All Babboe Pro cargo bikes are available as regular cargo bikes and with electric assistance. If you're using the cargo bike as a way of advertising, then you may not need electric assistance. Are you transporting 50 kilos worth of goods every day and need that extra boost? Then you can opt for electric cargo bikes with pedal assistance. Looking for an even smoother take-off at a stop light or do you regularly tackle hills? Choose a cargo bike with mid-drive motor, which gives you extra power when transporting a full box! When opting for a business cargo bike with mid-drive motor, you can choose a 400 Wh or 500 Wh battery, depending on the distance you cover every day.

Which business cargo bike suits you?

Will you choose the Cargo Trike, the Cargo Bike or do you prefer the capacity offered by the Cargo Trike XL? We’ve designed a business cargo bike for every type of user. Are you a baker delivering sandwiches around town, a florist delivering bouquets in the city or a pharmacist transporting medications in the neighbourhood? An electric business cargo bike is suitable for every entrepreneur. Which cargo bike you choose will depend on a number of factors: the weight and volume that is transported every day, how often you’ll be using the cargo bike, if you want your cargo bike to have electric assistance, and your budget. The Cargo Trike is suitable for transporting light goods and when the business cargo bike isn’t used on a daily basis. The Cargo Bike’s slim design is very suitable for quickly transporting smaller loads in the city. Are you transporting heavy goods? Choose a mid-drive motor for extra assistance. The Cargo Trike XL is designed for daily, long routes, with a lot of start-stops. It’s easy to get on and off and the box has a large capacity to transport a large quantity of goods. This cargo bike is only available with a mid-drive motor and a 500 Wh battery.

All our business cargo bikes have matching accessories to better complement the way you use your cargo bike. We have various extra options for setting up the boxes: you can choose a rear carrier for an extra bag or a telephone holder so you’ll never get lost! The cargo bikes are serviced and maintained by our own technicians, who will come to your home or business. All cargo bikes are delivered free of charge.