Want to replace a spoke on the wheel of your cargo bike? Have a look at our wide range of spokes for cargo bikes. There are various types of spokes available. Not sure which spoke is the right one for your cargo bike? Contact our Customer Service Department.

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Spokes for cargo bikes

Here you can find the right spokes for your Babboe cargo bike. Want to buy new spokes? Order new spokes to replace the old or broken ones on your cargo bike. It is important to buy the right type of spokes in terms of length and thickness.

If you have a broken spoke, you should not use the bike. The spokes keep the bicycle wheel intact and tensioned properly. A broken spoke can cause the wheel to wobble, placing extra pressure on the other spokes, which can then also break. It is advisable to replace broken spokes quickly to prevent more damage to your wheel.

Check the spoke tension on your cargo bike regularly. Weak spokes may be hard to see at first glance, but they can puncture your tube, causing a flat tire. The spokes may also break off after time, which means you will have to buy a whole new wheel.

With a new cargo bike or a new wheel, it is important to check the spoke tension often during the first few weeks. That's because the spokes are not yet in tune with your cycling style during the first few trips.