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Cargo bike safety | safely on the road

Babboe cargo bikes are designed so that parents can safely take their kids on the road with them and have fun at the same time. Cargo bike safety is of the utmost importance to Babboe. Babboe cargo bikes are high-quality products that stand for safe, zero-emission transport and will ensure many years of cycling fun. Read more over:

Cargo bike cycling experience

Before you start transporting children with a cargo bike, we recommend that you first get used to cycling without children. Riding a cargo bike requires some practice and getting used to. Practise riding through curves and riding on different types of roads. Practice how to keep your balance in different situations. Ride over hills and on sloping roads. When you have gotten used to the cargo bike, nothing will stand in the way of taking your kids with you.

Brakes and parking

Cargo bike brakes

schijfremmen bakfiets

Cargo bikes and other bikes must generally have two independently functioning brakes. All Babboe cargo bikes with electric pedal assistance (E-Variants and Mountain) are equipped with disk brakes. Babboe cargo bikes without pedal assistance come standard with roll brakes (also available with optional disk brakes at the front). Several non-electric models have drum brakes. You can find out which brakes a bike is equipped with by looking at the specifications of the various Babboe models.

The steering system of three-wheel cargo bikes can experience difficulties if the right and left front wheel brakes aren’t functioning equally well, no matter what type of brakes the bike has. This can happen if the brake cables are not the same length. The hydraulic disk brakes are an exception, as both of these front wheel brakes use pressure compensation.

Parking cargo bikes

Stabiler Zweibeinständer

Cargo bikes, just like normal bikes, may be parked on the sidewalk, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of pedestrians. Cargo bikes may also be parked at the side of the road (if visible in the dark) and in paid parking spots with parking meters. When you get off your cargo bike, you’ll want to be sure that the bike won’t tip over. This is especially important when there are children getting in and out of the bike.

park cargo bike

All three-wheel cargo bikes are therefore equipped with a special parking brake, so the Babboe can’t roll off. The parking brake is easy to operate and located on the handlebar. Two-wheel Babboe cargo bikes are equipped with a stable bipod stand, so the cargo bike stays firmly in place and won’t tip over.

Tipping hazard

To prevent the transport box from directly bumping against the bike, the two-track cargo bikes Babboe Big and Babboe Curve are equipped with an anti-tip system. Because of the two wheels at the front, they are very stable and will not tip over when used properly. At traffic lights, you can simply remain standing up without getting off the bike. There is actually no tipping hazard while cycling. However, you must keep in mind that you shouldn’t ride too quickly around curves and to be careful while riding over speed bumps. Also, you shouldn’t ride over any kerbs. One-track cargo bikes are very similar to normal bikes. It is easier to keep your balance when cycling faster, compared to when cycling slowly. When pulling up, you need to balance the bike and the weight in the transport box. Cargo bikes are more stable and are designed specifically for transporting children. Therefore, there is a smaller chance of tipping over than you would have if transporting your child with you on a normal bike.

Cargo bike lighting and visibility


cargo bike lamp

The same requirements regarding lighting apply to cargo bikes and normal bikes. A good front light and rear light are mandatory, so you are visible to other road users when it is dark. Because of the wide transport boxes of the two-track cargo bikes, two front lights are required. In the past, only permanently mounted lights with sides or hub dynamo were allowed. Today, compact battery lights may also be used on the road. All Babboe cargo bikes are equipped with LED-lights. Three-wheel cargo bikes come with two front lights at the front of the transport box, which provides the bike with better visibility on the road.

Reflective stickers

Babboe also offers additional reflective strips for the transport box for even better road visibility. These make sure that you’re not only visible in the dark, but you can also add a personal touch to your cargo bike. Look at all of our reflective stickers.

Safety in the cargo bike

Cargo bike transport box

Instappen Babboe Curve

In the cargo bikes’ transport box, the children sit higher up than in a bicycle trailer. They are not too close to the road and won’t be surrounded by car exhaust. The high panel protects children and keeps them from falling out of the transport box. With the practical and helpful steps, children can get in and out of the two-wheel and three-wheel cargo bikes on their own.

Safety belt

Cargo bike safety belts

Safety belts for children in the cargo bike are not mandatory by law. To prevent children from unexpectedly standing up and for more protection on the road, we recommend fastening children with the three-point seat belts during every bike trip. In case of a sudden stop, the children won’t fall off the bench or hit their heads against the hard top frame. All Babboe cargo bikes come with three-point seat belts. Because the belts tend to slip off children’s shoulders, they can be held in place with fastening clips. Babboe is continuously working on improving its safety belts.

Safety on the road

Rules and regulations

The same rules and regulations apply to cargo bikes and normal bikes. Cargo bike riders must comply with the same traffic rules as other bike riders. Cargo bike riders may use cycle paths and one-way streets, bus lanes and sidewalks that are open to bike riders, and they may cycle past waiting cars on the right side of the road. There is one special rule for two-track cargo bikes on mandatory cycle paths: if it cannot be reasonably expected for two-track cargo bikes to use the cycle paths, they are allowed to ride on the road.

Extra wide tyres

All cargo bikes come with extra wide tyres for optimum cycling comfort. The tyres are equipped with reflective strips on each side, which improves the bike’s visibility in traffic. We recommend checking the tyre pressure regularly. When the tyres are properly inflated, riding the cargo bike will be easier and safer. The air pressure in the tyres should be 4.2 bars.

Cargo bike helmets

Cargo bike helm

Wearing a bicycle helmet is not mandatory by law in the UK, for adults or for children. Yet, it is recommended when riding (multitrack) cargo bikes. In case of an accident, the high side-panels of the cargo bike will help to break your fall, but wearing a helmet will increase your safety even more. Many parents choose to wear a bicycle helmet depending on the environment where they are riding their bikes. Other parents always wear a helmet whenever they get on a bike. Take a look at our bicycle helmets in Babboe’s online shop.

Theft protection

chain lock Babboe

Babboe cargo bikes come standard with a frame lock with a seal of approval. Some models can be equipped with an additional chain. In order to prevent theft, we recommend locking your cargo bike with an additional chain lock at all times.

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