Everything about Babboe cargo bikes

What is the difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve?
Both the Babboe Big and the Babboe Curve are family cargo bikes. They are both threewheelers. The ‘old-fashioned’ square wooden box on the Babboe Big creates a robust look. The Babboe Curve was given a modern twist. The rounded shapes of the wooden box...
What is the difference between a cargo bike and a bike trailer
Are you looking for an option to transport your children by bicycle? Then safety is one of the most important points of attention. View the differences between a Babboe cargo bike and a bike trailer here
What's the difference between an E-cargo bike and a Mountain cargo bike?
At Babboe we have two different models of cargo bikes: the model with a rear-wheel motor (Babboe-E) and the model with a mid-drive motor (Babboe Mountain). So the most important difference is the motor. Cycling up a hill or mountain With an e...
Which maxi cosi fits in the Babboe cargo bike?
View the table here with all types of maxi cosi's that fit in our maxi cosi carrier.
How do I clean my rain tent?
Rain tents on cargo bikes need to be tough. Rain tents can be used all year round to protect against rain, wind, cold, hail and snow. Below is some advice for keeping your rain tent in good condition. Removing bird droppings from your rain tent Try...
Can you mount a kid's bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike?
From a safety point of view, we do not recommend mounting a bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike. The rear carriers have a maximum load and are therefore not sturdy enough to carry older kids in particular. Transporting children on the rear...
Does the cargo bike cover fit over the cargo bike when the rain tent is installed?

Yes, the cargo bike cover can be used with the rain tent. To prevent condensation, we recommend leaving the windows of the rain tent open.

How many baby seats / toddler seats fit in the Babboe Max?

The Babboe Max cargo bike fits a maximum of 3 toddler seats and/or 3 baby seats. They can not be installed across from each other.

Do two toddler seats fit next to each other in the cargo bike?

Yes, you can install two baby seats and/or two toddler seats next to each other on the handlebar side of the cargo bike.

Can I order a rain tent without the tent poles?

No, you cannot order a rain tent without tent poles. Over the years, we've adapted our poles or tents a few times to be even more user friendly. That's why we always deliver our rain tents with a new set of poles, so that we know for sure you have the right rain tent and the right poles.

Until what age can my child ride in the cargo bike?

There are no age regulations for a child/children to ride in the cargo bike. Some children no longer like to ride in the cargo bike when they are able to bike on their own.
It is often very practical and fun for children who are able to ride a bike to ride along in the cargo bike.

The load capacity of the box of a two-wheel cargo bike is 80kg and for a three-wheel cargo bike it's 100kg So you can easily take "older" children along in the cargo bike.

Does Babboe sell cargo bikes for childcare purposes as well?

Yes, Babboe has the Babboe Max in its assortment, an electrical childcare cargo bike that meets the needs of daycare and after-school facilities, foster parents and large families.

What is the "walk-assist" on the electric cargo bike?

The walk-assist is a function available on all our electric cargo bikes. It allows you to turn on the pedal assistance while not actually biking to move your electric cargo bike while walking, for example to walk from the bike parking to the bike path. As long as you keep the Walk-Assist button pressed in, you will have the assistance.

What is the cargo bike's load capacity?

The Babboe cargo bikes are tested for quality and SGS/TÜV certified. The load capacity differs by cargo bike.

  • A two-wheel cargo bike has a load capacity of 80 kg in the box.
  • A three-wheel cargo bike has a load capacity of 100 kg in the box.
  • The Babboe Max has a load capacity of 150 kg in the box.
Are the Babboe cargo bikes certified?

Our cargo bikes are tested for daily use for transporting children, dogs, or goods. To show how important safety is for Babboe, we've had the cargo bike tested for load capacity and durability by the renowned international test agency SGS and by TÜV. Based on this, instructions for use have been drawn up including the maximum number of children and weight per cargo bike.

The Babboe cargo bikes have been tested by the international test authority TÜV and have the relevant EN 15194 and ISO 421 certifications. That means all our cargo bikes meet the applicable laws and regulations.

How do I prevent seat belts from slipping while in the cargo bike?

Make sure to pull the seat belts as tightly as possible and if they still slip, cross the belts on the back. We've received tips from other parents who recommend using "food bag clips" to attach the belts together.

Can you shift gears while riding a cargo bike?

Shifting gears while biking differs per bike and per type of gears. The Babboe cargo bikes are equipped with derailleur, hub, or stepless hub shifting systems.

  • The electric Babboe cargo bikes are equipped with derailleur gears, this shifting system requires you to keep biking to smoothly shift gears.  Never shift gears while standing still and do not pedal backwards either.
  • The non-electric models have a hub shifting system which allows you to shift gears while continuing to bike, but you can also briefly stop pedaling while shifting gears.
  • The Babboe Mountain cargo bikes have a stepless hub shifting system which means you can continue pedaling while shifting gears.
Does a Maxi-Cosi fit in the cargo bike?

Babboe City, Mini, Curve and Carve

There's a special Maxi-Cosi carrier for the Babboe City,  Babboe Mini, Babboe Curve, and Babboe Carve. The Maxi-Cosi carrier is suitable for practically any type of Maxi-Cosi. The carrier has good suspension and is suitable for practically any type of Maxi-Cosi. When the Maxi-Cosi carrier is installed in the box, there's additional space for two little children on the bench. The bench in the Babboe Mini must be removed in order to use the maxi-cosi carrier. The maxi-cosi carrier is not suitable for use in the Babboe Mini Mountain as the bench cannot be removed.

Babboe Big and Dog

Unfortunately, the Babboe Big does not fit a maxi-cosi carrier. A baby seat can be installed in the Babboe Big if you wish to transport your  baby in the cargo bike. The baby seat can be mounted onto the bench, so that there are still three seats.

Does a Maxi-Cosi fit in the Babboe Big?

Unfortunately, the Babboe Big does not fit a Maxi-Cosi carrier. We recommend a baby seat if you wish to transport your baby in the Babboe Big. The baby seat can be mounted onto the bench, so that there are still three seats.

When do I need to charge the battery on my electric cargo bike?

To extend the life of your Babboe cargo bike battery, it is important not to deplete the battery below 5%, it is preferred to charge your cargo bike when there's about 20% capacity left.

If you won't be using your cargo bike for a while, store it with a relatively full battery (50-70%) and often check whether it needs to be recharged.