Everything about Babboe cargo bikes

Tips for riding a bakfiets cargo bike

Riding a bakfiets cargo bike is not hard, but it is different than riding a regular bike. To give you some tips, we have created several tips and videos.

How to store or park your cargo bike

When owning or purchasing a cargo bike, it’s wise to consider where you will store the bike. Enjoy your cargo bike for years to come by keeping it in a safe and dry location. Preferably store your cargo bike in a shed, storage room or garage...

What is the difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve?

Both the Babboe Big and the Babboe Curve are family cargo bikes. They are both threewheelers. The ‘old-fashioned’ square wooden box on the Babboe Big creates a robust look. The Babboe Curve was given a modern twist. The rounded shapes of the wooden box...

What is the difference between a cargo bike and a bike trailer

Are you looking for an option to transport your children by bicycle? Then safety is one of the most important points of attention. View the differences between a Babboe cargo bike and a bike trailer here