This page contains the most frequently asked questions about Babboe business opportunities and their answers.
What can Babboe do for entrepreneurs?

Babboe cargo bikes are not only very useful for young families, but also for entrepreneurs. You can use your cargo bike as an advertising medium or use it to transport goods. It is also possible to convert the cargo bikes into an ice-cream cargo bike, coffee cargo bike or a cleaning cargo bike. For the options, please contact our sales department via

Can I request an invoice in my company's name?

Yes, it is possible to request an invoice your company's name. You can do this during the ordering process. Fill in the company name here and choose a different delivery address, if necessary. The invoice is then in the company's name.

Can I order several cargo bikes at the same time?

Yes, you certainly can. You can order multiple cargo bikes in our webshop. Do you have specific questions about the delivery of multiple cargo bikes? Please contact Babboe customer service.

Does Babboe also supply cargo bikes with logo/company name?

Yes, at Babboe you can also order a cargo bike with a company name or logo on it. We work together with sticker suppliers for the stickers. You can put a company logo on the side of the bin. For more information, please contact Babboe customer service.

Which delivery bikes does Babboe sell?

In the Babboe Pro range you can choose from the cargo bikes Pro Bike, Pro Trike and Pro Trike XL. Babboe pro cargo bikes are available as both electrical and non-electrical.

Does Babboe offer cargo bikes for goods as well?

All Babboe Pro models are suitable for transporting goods. In true Babboe fashion, we offer a non-electric version, a version with electric pedal assistance and one with a mid-drive motor. The size of the box varies from 250 to 900 liter. There's a suitable cargo bike for every user. Find out more about the Babboe Pro delivery bikes.

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