Can I overhaul a Babboe battery?

Unfortunately, the battery of an electric cargo bike does not last as long as the bike itself, which means that the battery usually needs replacing after a few years.

If the capacity of your battery is dwindling or if your battery is defective, it may be tempting to have it overhauled. The reason this sounds like a good idea is because it is cheaper than buying a new battery. But there are quite a few risks if the battery is not properly overhauled and it may stop working altogether. This type of battery overhaul is also referred to as refurbishment.

Babboe does not refurbish batteries because the quality of that battery cannot be guaranteed afterwards. That is why we advise against this. If your bicycle battery is worn out, we recommend buying a new one.

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What is refurbishment?

The battery of an electric cargo bike consists of three parts: casing, electronics and battery cells. When a battery is refurbished, the battery cells are replaced.

Babboe battery refurbishment

Why battery refurbishment is not recommended

  • To properly refurbish a battery, all of the battery cells need to be replaced, not only some of them.
  • You may also have to replace the battery management system (BMS), thereby upping the cost.
  • A damaged battery or a battery that is not used properly is at higher risk of overheating, igniting or even exploding.
  • Cheap battery refurbishment can be a costly affair.
  • If you have your battery refurbished or use a refurbished battery during the warranty period, the warranty will no longer apply.
  • A refurbished battery has not been tested as thoroughly as a new battery.

If you buy a used cargo bike, make sure to check the battery for damage. Do not take any risks if the battery is damaged and buy a new battery. Most bicycle stores can test the functionality and capacity of your battery.

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