Can I place a VAT-free order? (Intra-Community delivery)

For customers from the United Kingdom it is possible to place a business order and to reverse the VAT (Intra-Community delivery).

In the case of an intra-Community delivery, the 0% rate may only be applied if you as a customer owe VAT in your EU country due to an intra-Community acquisition. In general, this is the case if you provide us with a valid VAT identification number. The correctness of the number is checked on the VIES website, your VAT identification number is kept in our administration.

It must be clear at the time the order is placed whether the conditions for an intra-Community delivery have been met. In case of any doubt, the 0% rate does not apply and you as a customer will be charged the standard VAT.  If you are entitled, you can then reclaim the VAT via the EU country where you are located, via the tax authorities of that country.

If you want to make use of this arrangement, choose a business order and enter your company details when ordering. Your order will then be placed without VAT.