This page contains the most frequently asked questions about cargo bike maintenance and their answers.
How do I prevent frozen brake cables on my cargo bike?
Due to the rainy climate, moisture can get into the brake cables of your cargo bike. Of course, this can also happen with the cargo bike. Not a problem in itself because your cargo bike will not be worse to ride but with frost this becomes annoying. ...
How do I prevent sun cream stains on my cargo bike?
The key is to slather yourself well in sun cream if you're planning on cycling in the sun. But did you know that sun cream can stain your cargo bike? Certain chemicals in sun cream can stain. The higher the sun cream factor, the more stubborn the stains can be.
Does a cargo bike need maintenance?

Cargo bikes require the same maintenance as regular bikes. Moving parts must be lubricated on a regular basis, the gears and brakes must be adjusted regularly and the derailleur on the electric Babboe cargo bike, for example, must be kept clean.
In order to keep the warranty on the cargo bike, you must schedule a servicing with a Babboe mechanic or bike repair shop in your area after 2 months of use. The servicing includes the following:

  • adjusting the gears
  • adjusting the brakes
  • checking the spoke and chain tension
  • lubricating moving parts