Payment failed or declined?

Has your payment failed? That's annoying. We are happy to help you on this page.

Check your daily limit

Has your payment failed? Then check whether you have set a daily limit with your bank. When the daily limit has been reached, you can no longer make any payments. Please try again another day or choose a different payment method.

Do you have sufficient funds?

If you have insufficient funds in your account, the payment will be blocked by the bank. The order cannot then be placed.

Has your Credit Card / PayPal payment failed?

Your credit card company may not have authorised the charge to your account for any of the following reasons:

  • the spending limit of your account has been reached;
  • incorrect CVC code or expiry date;
  • there were dashes or spaces in the account number, which were not recognised;
  • the transaction was not onfirmed by you with a signature, as a result of which the bank has taken a standard security measure and refused the transaction;
  • you have only been using the credit card for a short time and you have not yet activated it;
  • the payment takes place at an unsecured WiFi location where fraud has been detected on other occasions.
  • The extra check via 3D-secure was not successful

Error '3D secure validation was unsuccesful'
Do you get one of the following error messages when making a credit card payment?
"3D secure validation was unsuccessful"
"3D Authentication failed"

This means that the additional "3D-secure" check was not successful. A 3D Secure payment is an online payment with extra security. Your bank carries out extra checks to find out that the purchases are really made by you. Each bank has its own way of checking this, for example with two factor authentication, a password, fingerprint or scanning an ID tag. You may not have entered the required information correctly. Correct typos, deactivate Caps Lock, check the data, if necessary, and try again. If the error persists, please contact the bank that issued your credit card for more information.

Payments via PayPal or CreditCard are unfortunately susceptible to fraudsters. These payments are automatically verified by the financial institution that carries out our credit card payments. If your credit card is declined, the reserved amount will be refunded immediately. After this you can place your order again and pay via a different payment method.

Has your Klarna payment failed?

When you place an order with Klarna, Klarna checks a large number of factors within a second. Consider your personal data and the order amount. Based on this combination of data, Klarna tries to estimate whether you can pay for your order afterwards.

When you order from Klarna for the first time, your order may be refused with a large amount. Klarna would like to get to know you better as a customer first.

You will find more information and solutions on the Klarna website.