What are the advantages of payment with Klarna?

By registering at klarna.de with your email address (with which you placed the order), you cal make use of all of the "smoooth" features of MyKlarna. Or download the Klarna app.

    • Smoooth login: Simple login with Touch ID, email or PIN code.
    • Simply pay your invoice with just 1 click: You can settle the Klarna invoice incredibly easily, with just 1 click. Klarna has saved all the necessary data and with just 1 click, you can grant Klarna your consent to pay the invoice.
    • Don't miss any payments: Set up your 'Reminders' and receive a reminder 2 days prior to your payment deadline. You can also add the payment deadline to your calendar.
    • Notify us of a return: Are you dissatisfied with your purchase? Return your order the simple way, with the Klarna app. Klarna then suspends the invoice, which will be adjusted accordingly as soon as the return is processed.
    • Extend the payment term of your invoice: Do you need more time, on account of a delayed delivery for instance? With just 1 click you can extend the payment term by 10 days.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Klarna customer Service.

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