What are the delivery times at Babboe?

Longer delivery times due to COVID-19

The delivery time for a Babboe cargo bike is currently longer than usual. The coronavirus pandemic has made things very busy at our factory and our suppliers. We are doing everything we can to get your cargo bike to you as soon as possible. The listed delivery times are an estimate; no rights can be derived from this information. More information

Delivery time of the cargo bike

You can find the estimated delivery time of a Babboe cargo bike on each product's page. The delivery time can differ per cargo bike. The delivery time will be displayed as soon as you have put together your cargo bike.

  1. Choose the "box color"
  2. Choose the "brakes"
  3. Choose the "capacity" (for an electric cargo bike)
  4. View the cargo bike's delivery time indication

Your order will be filled after we have received your payment or definitive lease contract.

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This is how your Babboe cargo bike will be delivered

Delivery times for accessories and parts

The standard delivery time of accessories and parts is 3-5 business days. The exact delivery time indication will be shown on the product's page after you have made all your selections (such as color). If you've also ordered a cargo bike, you will receive the accessories you ordered at the same time as the cargo bike. The cargo bike's delivery time will be decisive in this case.

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Delivery to other countries

  • Orders placed on babboe.co.uk can only be delivered in the United Kingdom.
  • For deliveries in the Netherlands, please place your order at www.babboe.nl
  • For deliveries in Belgium, please place your order at www.babboe.be
  • For deliveries in Germany, please place your order at www.babboe.de
  • For deliveries in France, please place your order at www.babboe.fr

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