What is the difference between a cargo bike and a bike trailer

Are you looking for an option to transport your children by bicycle? Then safety is one of the most important points of attention. Your children sit behind you in a bike trailer, so you often cannot keep an eye on them. In a cargo bike, your little kids sit in a high box right in front of your nose. For the children, every ride is an experience and you can cycle relaxed. In the table below we have listed a few points of comparison for you.

Features Babboe cargo bike Bike trailer
Traffic safety +++ +
Seat belts +++ +++
Children in sight +++ -
Place for 1 - 2 children +++ +++
Place for 3 - 4 children +++ ---
Stability +++ +
Turning circle - --
Driving behavior / handling +++ +
Can be used as a pram -- +++
Safe at higher speed +++ ++
Cycling fun for children +++ +
Age of the children

from 0 years,
no age restriction

0 - 7 years
Material (wood vs. tent cloth) +++  +
Room for other things +++ --
Weatherproof +++ +++
Required parking space + +++
Durability +++ +
price vanaf ca. 1000 vanaf ca. 300

Source: The comparison was made with the help of Babboe users, who have experience with a bike trailer.

Fietskar ligt laag op de weg

Kinderfietskarren liggen zeer laag op de weg en kunnen daardoor makkelijk door automobilisten over het hoofd worden gezien. Maar het voordeel van een kinderfietskar is dat de aanhanger heel makkelijk achter je gewone fiets aangekoppeld kan worden.

Pay attention to the load on your bicycle, because it is not always suitable for a children's bike trailer. Compared to a bike trailer for children, a cargo bike is more expensive to purchase, but can be used for much longer and retains its value. Many of our Babboe users have exchanged their car for an environmentally friendly cargo bike.

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