What is the waste disposal charge for an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike gives you that extra boost while biking. These days, you can't imagine the street scene without electric cargo bikes in it. They are equipped with a battery. Electric cargo bike batteries are quite large. As with standard batteries, it is important to recycle electric cargo bike batteries that are no longer being used, in order to have the least possible environmental impact. In order to take back and recycle old batteries, a waste disposal charge must be paid immediately at the time of purchase of the electric cargo bike. This is a national decision by the trade association for bicycles (Bovag), at the request of the government. In the United Kingdom, the waste disposal charge for electric cargo bikes is set at GBP 5.90.

WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment)

When electric and electronic equipment (EEE) becomes waste, they are considered "WEEE" (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment). Special regulations apply to this type of waste, which are integrated in the WEEE Directive. Babboe works together with Weee Nederland in order to recycle responsibly. Weee Nederland organizes collections and recycles old electric and electronic equipment (EEE, or e-waste) in the Netherlands. Weee Nederlands works with cities, recycling companies and other partners. The video below shows how Stibat (Stichting Batterijen) collects and recycles used batteries in the Netherlands.