What's the best bike lock for your cargo bike?

Cargo bikes are popular but are often stolen. In addition to the standard frame lock, we recommend using an extra chain lock for your cargo bike. You can get different types of locks for your cargo bike The best way to lock your cargo bike is using both a frame lock and a chain lock.


Ringlocks, also known as frame locks, are standard on cargo bikes. They're attached to the frame and block the rear wheel. While ringlocks are often used when parking a cargo bike short-term, they don't offer optimal security because the cargo bike can still be lifted.

While cargo bike ringlocks are ART certified, we recommend using both a ringlock and a chain lock.

Cargo bike ringlocks

Chain locks

Chain locks come in a variety of sizes and weights and are available at different prices. Inexpensive chain locks are light, are not ART certified, and can easily be broken.

Key chain locks
The AXA chain lock is extra strong and the links extend into the lock. This high-quality chain provides extra security for your cargo bike. It has a high-security disc-style cylinder with anti-drill guard. It's ART-certified and so approved for cargo bike insurance.

Key chain locks

Code chain lock
If using a code chain lock, we recommend using it in combination with a sturdy chain lock. Code chain locks can easily be cracked. These types of chain locks are most often used for kids' bicycles.

Code chain lock

Plug-in locks

Plug-in locks or plug-in chain locks are locks used in combination with frame locks. Plug-in locks, as the name suggests, are plugged into the frame lock and then wrapped around a lamppost or bicycle rack. While useful, your cargo bike is not secured with an extra lock. We recommend using a separate chain lock so that the cargo bike is secured in two different places. Plug-in locks are not available at Babboe.

Other questions:
Is a chain lock necessary for cargo bike insurance?
No, the standard frame lock of the cargo bike is ART certified and sufficient for cargo bike insurance. We do recommend a chain lock to prevent theft. You can then easily secure the cargo bike to a fence or lamppost.