What's the difference between an E-cargo bike and a Mountain cargo bike?

At Babboe we have two different models of cargo bikes: the model with a rear-wheel motor (Babboe-E) and the model with a mid-drive motor (Babboe Mountain). So the most important difference is the motor.

E-cargo bike with rear-wheel motor

E-cargo bike with rear-wheel motor

An electric cargo bike with rear-wheel motor is driven by a rotation sensor by the pedals. This means that you first have to do a complete rotation with the wheel before the electric assistance engages. The rear-wheel motor will provide assistance after a few seconds.

E-cargo bike with rear-wheel motor

Bakfietsen met middenmotor (Mountain)

Cargo bikes with mid-drive motor (Mountain)

The Yamaha mid-drive motor is more powerful than the rear-wheel motor and offers immediate assistance. Thanks to the stepless shifting system and force sensor, the powerful mid-drive motor adjusts the amount of assistance it provides based on the power you are providing with your legs. This creates a smooth and natural cycling experience.

Cargo bikes with mid-drive motor (Mountain)

Cycling up a hill or mountain

  • With an e-cargo bike with rear-wheel motor you can ascend a long, constant, gentle slope with full electrical assistance. Several factors play a role when climbing a hill, such as the length of the hill and your speed. These factors determine how far you will get with the electric assistance. The assistance might not be sufficient for a long, steep hill, so you will have to pedal pretty hard in order to get to the top.
  • A cargo bike with mid-drive motor, such as the Babboe Mountain, will allow you to cycle smoothly up the hill. The powerful motor is very suitable for hilly terrain and steep slopes. The more power you place on the pedals, the more pedal assistance the motor will give.

A little push in the back

  • When you use an e-cargo bike with a rear-wheel motor, you will get a nice boost after rotation of the rear wheel. You can accelerate quickly from a standstill position.
  • When cycling on a Mountain cargo bike, you simultaneously get a little push in the back. You can accelerate gradually from a standstill position.

The gear-shifting system

  • An e-cargo bike with rear-wheel motor has derailleur gears, which allow you to shift stepwise in small increments. The gears of the rear wheel and the derailleur itself need to be regularly cleaned and lubricated.
  • An e-cargo bike with a mid-drive motor has a Nuvinci stepless shifting system, meaning there are no jumps between gears. Maintenance is very limited because you don't need to clean any gears and the chain sits inside a chain cover. A Mountain cargo bike is more maintenance-friendly.

Which bike is right for me?

The difference between an e-cargo bike and a Mountain cargo bike is more than €1,000. In addition to the budget, your choice will also depend on the routes you ride daily. If you live in hilly terrain, we recommend the Mountain cargo bike.

It's important to make the right choice based on your needs. An e-cargo bike with a rear-wheel motor cannot be retrofitted to become a Mountain cargo bike with a mid-drive motor.

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Mountain cargo bikes

Electric cargo bikes

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A mid-engined Mountain cargo bike has an Enviolo Nuvinci stepless shifting system, which means there are no jumps between gears. You can pedal and switch at the same time. On an electric cargo bike with a rear wheel motor you have to keep pedaling while shifting so that the chain can move to another sprocket. Stepless shifting

Verschil middenmotor en achterwielmotor

Not sure which cargo bike is right for you? Then come by and do a test drive so you can try out both cargo bikes.

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