Which cargo bike does a maxi cosi fit in?

The maxi cosi carrier for cargo bikes can be mounted on various cargo bikes, so you can take your baby on the road with you from an early age. The alternative of a maxi cosi carrier is the baby seat.

Maxi cosi carrier

Baby seat

Babboe Big
Babboe City
Babboe Curve
Babboe Dog
Babboe Go
The bench must be removed to use the maxi cosi carrier. This is not possible in the Mini Mountain. Babboe Mini
Babboe Max
Babboe Flow
Babboe Carve
Babboe Slim

Babboe Big and Dog

Unfortunately, the Babboe Big does not fit a maxi-cosi carrier. A baby seat can be installed in the Babboe Big if you wish to transport your  baby in the cargo bike. The baby seat can be mounted onto the bench, so that there are still three seats.

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