Why does it take so long to deliver cargo bikes?

Cargo bikes are extremely popular, and cycling has only gotten more popular since the start of the pandemic. Naturally, during this time when we're all sitting at home, taking a bike trip with the kids or dog is a welcome escape. As much as we'd like to get everyone on the road as quickly as possible, all our cargo bike models are currently experiencing long delivery delays.

Bike part shortage

The demand for cargo bikes and bike parts exploded in early 2020, at just the moment that many supplier factories had to temporarily shut their doors. There are only a few large bike part suppliers in the world, meaning this handful of suppliers has had to absorb most of this new growth on their own. This has led to delays in the delivery of some bike parts, like brakes, batteries, and displays.

A cargo bike is made up of many small parts, meaning we can only put it together when all those parts have been delivered. Without all the bike parts, the cargo bike can't be completed.

Raw material shortage

The global raw materials shortages of 2021 have also affected wood and steel. Our cargo bikes are made with wood paneling and a steel frame. So, the majority of your bike might be assembled, but the wooden cargo box is still missing, or we can't build your cargo bike's frame.

Raw material shortage

Shipping delays

Like other bike manufacturers, our bike parts are also shipped all over the world. Due to the explosive demand for cargo bikes and bike parts, there currently isn't enough capacity in the shipping containers to deliver all the bike parts to all the manufacturers on time. This shortage in capacity has unfortunately led to longer delivery times for our cargo bikes.

Shifting delivery dates

Your cargo bike's expected delivery date might need to be shifted. Changes in delivery dates are due to the scarcity of bike parts, limited shipping space, and the shifting of supplier deliveries. All these fluctuations in logistics make planning a complex task. We do our best to give you the most realistic and accurate delivery information. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes the estimated delivery date is not 100% accurate.

We promise that your patience will soon be rewarded with some cargo biking fun!