Yippee! Did you know that you could save up to 50% on the cost of a brand new Babboe Bakfiets?

This is made possible by the Government's Green Transport Plan which not only aims to reduce environmental pollution and promote healthier lifestyles, but also makes cycling to work a cost-effective option for employees.

Babboe UK is proud to announce that we are part of the following Cycle to Work Scheme:

Bike 2 Work

If your company is enrolled in the scheme above and you would like to purchase a Babboe Cargo Bike, please contact us at info@babboe.nl for a quotation for your employer.

If your company is not already signed up with a scheme, your company can quickly and easily sign up with the scheme mentioned above so that you can purchase a Babboe. Your company does not pay for subscription.

Also, if your company is signed up under a different scheme, please contact us and we will investigate whether we can provide a Cargo Bike to you through your company’s Cycle to Work programme.

Please note that discounts or promotions are not available when purchasing a Babboe through these schemes.

For more information or a quotation; email us at info@babboe.nl and please visit the following website for all desired information:

Bike 2 Work Scheme – Bike2WorkScheme.co.uk

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