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About Babboe

About Babboe


Definition of Babboe

Babboe has the philosophy to bring moments of happiness to young parents together with their children. Based on that line of thought, we searched for a nice fitting name for our product. That is how we ended up with Baloo and Babu. Baloo from the Disney character who protects Mowgli at all times. Babu from the positive thought of daily care and love for children. From these associations we came to Babboe.

Origin of Babboe

The Babboe cargo bike in an initiative from a group of parents that wanted a readily available cargo bike with a lower cost than the existing ones. The Babboe Big was developed together with an engineering firm. The aim was to develop a high quality cargo bike with an affordable price. The first Babboe cargo bikes were delivered in March, 2007. The development of cargo bikes didn’t stop with the three-wheel Babboe Big, the product range has expanded to fit the needs of every customer.

Why a Babboe?

Besides the beautiful design that came out of development, a lot of tools were implemented to make use of the cargo bike easier for you and your children. Some of those facilitating tools are the low entry of the cargo box, the standard 3 or 7 geared with a ultralight first gear, the child friendly steps, the easily adjustable seatpost so that mom and dad can switch places quickly, the ‘bells and whistles rod’ upon which cool toys can be mounted, fold up benches in the cargo box, and many more. See also the 10 advantages of Babboe.


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Everything about the cargo bike


Two or three wheeler?

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Why can Babboe provide affordable cargo bikes?

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What's the difference between the Babboe Big and Curve?

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Which cargo bike should I go for?

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How can I buy a box bike?

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Can I buy a cargo bike in London?

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Should I buy a second hand cargo bike?

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Up to which age can my kids ride in the cargo bike?

There is no age limit up to which you may take your kid(s) in the cargo bike. Some kids prefer not to ride in the cargo bike anymore when they are able to ride a bike themselves.
Often it is practical and fun to still take your kids with you in the cargo bike although they are able to cycle themselves.

The maximum weight that goes into the cargo bike box is 80kg for a two-wheel cargo bike and 100kg for a three-wheel cargo bike. Therefore you can also transport ‘older’ children in the cargo bike.

What fits in a cargo bike?

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How can I take my toddler in the cargo bike?

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Does a Maxi-Cosi fit in the cargo bike?

Babboe City, Mini, Curve en Carve

A special Maxi-Cosi carrier is designed by Steco for the Babboe City, Mini, Curve, and Carve and is available for almost every type of Maxi-Cosi. After the carrier is mounted in the cargo box, there is place for two small children on the bench. The bench of the Mini has to be removed before you can place the carrier in the box. The Maxi-Cosi carrier is not suited for the Babboe Mini Mountain because the bench cannot be removed from the box.

Babboe Big

It’s not possible to fit a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Babboe Big. When you want to safely transport your baby in the Babboe Big, try out the baby seat for the cargo box. You can mount the baby seat on the bench, which has room for 3 other seats for children.

How to store or park your cargo bike?

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Why can Babboe offer affordable cargo bikes?

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The Babboe cargo bikes are developed for a fun and safe mode of transport for an affordable price. The cargo bikes are designed by a Dutch entrepreneurial team and they chose to use high quality parts of the bike. Besides the high quality parts, the cargo boxes are designed to foster safety. To ensure and prove the safety of our products, we tested the cargo bikes by two international agencies: the SGS and the TÜV on durability and carrying capacity. Read here everything over cargo bike safety

Cargo bike brakes

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Cargo bike dimensions

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Carrying capacity

The carrying capacity of the Babboe City is tested on 80kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Big is tested on 100kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Curive is tested on 100kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Transporter is tested on 100kg in the box.

Everything you need to know about cargo bike batteries

You’ll want to enjoy that little boost from the electric system as long as possible when riding your cargo bike, both in the support you receive from the system measured in kilometres and in the life of the cargo bike battery itself. So, it’s good to know how to get the most out of your cargo bike battery.

What does a cargo bike battery consist of?
A cargo bike battery consists of many loose batteries. Together, these batteries form a battery pack, which, in addition to the battery, also includes a charging section and a small computer. These batteries are considered Lion batteries. To get the most kilometres and longest life out of your cargo bike battery, it needs to be used properly.

How to care for your cargo bike battery
If you have a removable cargo bike battery, it is important to remove the battery from your cargo bike before storing the cargo bike for a longer period of time (more than 2 hours). This applies to all system types and brands. Just like TV sets in standby mode, cargo bikes are never completely turned off. By removing the battery from the cargo bike, the battery can slowly reach ambient temperature, the power within the battery will be better distributed and the battery will remain charged.

Make sure not to store your cargo bike battery in full sun. A hot battery can cause the battery capacity and life of the battery to decrease. In addition, it’s best to store the cargo bike battery indoors when it’s cold outside (below 10°C). A cold cargo bike battery will produce 15 to 25% less power. You could actually compare the desired ambient conditions to what an average person likes. Most people will choose room temperature and dry conditions!

If your battery is brand new, it is important to completely discharge your cargo bike battery a dozen times by riding it and then recharge it. This way, you’ll maximise your battery’s capacity. After those dozen times, you can also charge your cargo bike battery intermittently if you are unsure about the power level of your battery. But all in all, to ensure a longer battery life, it is best to ride your bike until the battery is completely discharged once or twice a month and then fully recharge it.

If you won’t be using your cargo bike battery for a long time, it is important to charge the battery beforehand. Still, the battery should be charged at least once every three months. Optionally, you could also charge it once a month, for example, the first Monday of the month.

Cargo bike battery do’s and don’ts

  • Never store an empty cargo bike battery, this will cause the battery to fail. So make sure to charge the battery in a timely manner.
  • Make sure your cargo bike battery doesn’t get damaged by extreme temperatures, hard shocks or drops.
  • When cleaning your cargo bike, always make sure your cargo bike battery stays dry.
  • The battery likes being charged and discharged regularly. The best way to do that is to regularly ride your cargo bike.
  • Make sure you're using the right charger to charge your cargo bike battery.
  • Keep your cargo bike battery at room temperature. Batteries at room temperature provide the largest capacity. And in turn, this ensures many wonderful rides on your cargo bike!
  • Please read your cargo bike's user manual carefully. If you know all the ins and outs, you’ll get the most riding fun out of your cargo bike.
Cargo bike specifications

Extended specifications can be found under each individual cargo bike page