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Babboe Pro

What can Babboe mean for for entrepreneurs?

Babboe cargo bikes are not only very convenient for families with young children, entrepreneurs can also put cargo bikes to good use. That’s why Babboe has a special department that focuses on commercial cargo bikes: Babboe Pro. Babboe Pro offers the same Babboe cargo bikes you’re already familiar with, but the boxes are designed for transporting goods or providing services. Centaur Cargo, Babboe’s sister company, specializes in the development of commercial cargo bike solutions. In cooperation with entrepreneurs, they have designed watertight boxes with solid locks. Decals with your company’s colours or logo can be placed on the boxes and that’s a great way to promote your business. Should you have any questions regarding Babboe Pro, please contact us.

Does Babboe also offer cargo bikes for transporting goods?

All Babboe Pro models are suitable for transporting goods. Just like our other Babboe cargo bikes, these are available in non-electric versions, with electric assistance, and with a mid-drive motor. Boxes are available in different sizes, ranging from 250 to 900 litres. There’s something for every user. Should you have any questions regarding our commercial cargo bikes, contact us.

Can an invoice be issued to my company?

Yes, it is possible to issue an invoice to your company. This can be done during the ordering process. Please enter your company name on the order form and if necessary, select a different delivery address. The invoice will then be issued to the company specified on the order form.

Can I order more than one cargo bike at a time?

Yes, of course. You can order up to 9 cargo bikes in our online shop. Should you have any questions or if you would like to order multiple bikes, please contact our customer service.

Does Babboe also deliver cargo bikes with a company logo or name?

Yes, cargo bikes with a company name or logo can be ordered through Babboe, except for the Babboe flightcase models, which cannot be printed on. We work together with Bakplakkers for the decals. Decals with your company logo can be placed on the side of the box. They can be ordered at the time the cargo bike is ordered. For more information, please contact our customer service.