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Try my Babboe

About Try my Babboe


What is Try my Babboe?

Try my Babboe is a platform from Babboe on which people can request test rides with an ambassador in their neighbourhood.

How does it work?

Do you want to try out a Babboe cargo bike? Go to Try my Babboe and look for an ambassador close to you. Contact the ambassador and plan your free test ride.

How long does a test ride take?

On average, a test ride takes 30 to 60 minutes to perform. Obviously, the duration of the test ride depends on the enthusiasm of the ambassador and the questions that you might have for them.

Becoming ambassador


Why did Babboe launch an ambassador platform?

More and more young families enjoy the convenience of a Babboe cargo bike. This is why more young families want to try out a Babboe. Babboe-ambassadors throughout the United Kingdom are ready to provide a test ride for interested parents. Naturally, they receive compensation for successful test rides. When a review is written about the ambassador’s test ride, they can receive an amount of maximum £25,- per test ride.

What is an ambassador?

A Babboe ambassador is an enthusiastic customer of Babboe who wants to share his/her passion with other parents. An ambassador provides test rides for parents in their neighbourhood and collects Babboe rewards by doing so.

How do I become ambassador?

You can easily sign up as ambassador. Babboe reviews all application on the terms and conditions that belong to the ambassadors program. We value being enthusiastic about your cargo bike and your commitment to becoming an ambassador.

Is an ambassador working for Babboe?

No, an ambassador is not working for Babboe.

What do the ambassadors get for doing test rides?

The review of the test rider determines the amount of compensation. You can get 1 to 5 stars per test ride. Every star is worth £5,- in the webshop.