Pajama Cover Big/Curve

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It is possible that you can not park your Cargo Bike safe and in shelter. To still protect it, we recommend using a protective cover. This cover protects your Babboe Big(-e) or Babboe Curve(-e) against the weather.

Protect your Babboe Big or Babboe Curve against rain and other inclement weather. Our cover is ideal for the following reasons:

- Made to fit three wheel based Babboe's (270 cm x 130 cm)
- Available in Black
- Can be used with or without the rain tent
- Supplied with metal grommets on the bottom edge
- Closure system with integrated cables: 2 x 2,50 cm
- In particular wind resistant and waterproof material (synthetic material similar to that used for boat sails)

Product Specifications

Accessory for Babboe Big, Babboe Curve, Babboe Big-E, Babboe Curve-E
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