Cargo Bike rain protection

With a Babboe cargo bike you can cycle through any kind of weather. A handy Babboe rain tent will keep your children dry. The canopy is available in different colours and is easy to install.

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Babboe cargo bike rain cover

Cargo bike rain accessories

The rain cover is available for the Babboe Big, City and Curve. The cover will not only protect your children from the rain, but also from strong wind. A rain tent will always keep your children warm and dry. This means you can use your cargo bike even in bad weather! The rain tent is ready to use upon delivery and is easily mounted into the corners of the Babboe cargo bike using the tent poles. Should you require any help mounting the rain tent, please refer to the mounting instructions.


More cargo bike rain accessories

Cargo bike afdekhoes Babboe CurveA rain tent is the ideal way of protecting your children from bad weather while cycling. But the cargo bike itself could use some protection too. Especially if the bike is often parked outside, it is wise to cover it with a cargo bike cover or box cover (see photo). A box cover is also very handy to keep goods and other things dry during transportation. Still prefer a rain cover? Order a rain cover for your cargo bike by clicking the order button below.

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