Delivery information

Your order will be shipped fully assembled. Our transporter will deliver the cargo bike at your home. Shipping costs in the United Kingdom: We do not charge shipping costs if you order a cargo bike within the United Kingdom. However, to ship Babboe accessories we charge an extra £ 5,85 (including VAT).

Delivery times of different cargo bikes (within the United Kingdom and after receipt of payment):

City / City-E 2-3 weeks
Big / Big-E / Dog / Dog-E / Transporter / Tranporter-E 2-3 weeks
Curve 2-3 weeks
Curve - E 4 - 5 weeks
City & Curve Mountain 2-3 weeks


Shipment Dimensions

Size of fully assembled Babboe Big(/-E): Length: 7 ft 1” (217 cm)
Width: 2 ft 11” (88 cm)
Height (with handle bars in lowest position): 3 ft 7”
Weight: ~55kg

Size of fully assembled Babboe City:
Height: 255 cm
Width: 65 cm
Weight: ~55 kg

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