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About Babboe:

Definition Babboe

Babboe is deterioration from the Malaysian / Indonesian word “Nanny / Babysitter”. With the rationale that Babboe safely transport your children and you can constantly watch your most valued possessions because they are sitting right in front of you.

Origins of Babboe

The Babboe Cargo Bike is an initiative of a number of Dutch parents, who wanted to have a safe and affordable Cargo Bike. Together with an engineering company they developed the first Babboe Big, the goals were set to build a qualitative and affordable Cargo bike. The first batch of Cargo Bikes met their parents around March 2007. Beside the three wheel based Babboe Big, Babboe now got more versions; Electric, two wheel based and more. More about Babboe you can read over here.

Two- of three wheel based Cargo Bike?

How to make a fundamental choice between either a two wheel cargo bike or a three wheel version:

The two-wheel cargo bike;

•             Most likely being used for 1 or 2 children. When an extra bench is fitted, up to 4 children can be transported safely.

•             Cycling is just like an ordinary bicycle.

•             is about +/- 70 cm wide.

•             Got less resistance because of two instead of three wheels, therefor also compatible for long distances

The three wheel based cargo bike;

•             Suitable to safely transport up to four children.

•             The three wheels give a lot of support and stability.

•             is about +/- 88 cm wide.

Why pick a Babboe?

Beside the nice design of a Babboe cargo bike, Babboe also thought about many technological aspects of the bike. For instance the frame between the saddle and steer is very low, resulting in easy getting on and off the bicycle. See what Babboe even more has in store for you here.

Test Ride locations:

Our google map will show all the locations of our brand ambassadors. To get in touch with one of them, please send us a email and we will give you the contact details.

Contact us

The easiest way to reach us is by mail: When you sent a mail, make sure to add your name, address, phone number and order number.

You can call us between 9.00am till 12.00pm and 01.00pm till 05.00pm on: +31 (0)33-7410740.

If you have any complaints or specific questions about assembly or montage/ warranties please contact When you sent a mail, make sure to add your name, address, phone number and order number.

You can call service between 9.00am till 12.00pm and 01.00pm till 05.00pm on: +31 (0)33-7410742.

Babboe BV
Xenonweg 45
3812 SZ Amersfoort

Kamer van Koophandel Utrecht 30211515
BTW nr. NL8158.51.753.B.01


About the Cargo Bikes

Riding a cargo bike

The Babboe City

Cycling on the Babboe City cargo bike is almost like riding a normal bicycle, the only difference is the front wheel is further away from you. Also you must consider there is some extra weight on the bike, especially when getting on and off the bike.

The Babboe Big and Curve

The way you cycle on this cargo bike has to be learned all over again, it is definitely not the same as a normal bicycle. You can visit this page for some tips and clips on how to ride the tricycle. It takes some time to get used to, but you will master it very quickly.

Watch our videos about the cargo bikes.


MaxiCosi in the box

The Babboe City and Curve

There is a specially made MaxiCosi carrier mad by Steco for the City and Curve cargo bikes. The seat has great suspensions which is good for the little toddlers. Beside the MaxiCosi there will be still room left for up to two little children on the bench.

The Babboe Big

In the Babboe Big, the MaxiCosi just fits. The way it fits differs by what model of MaxiCosi you have. See this page for a clear instruction how to fit the MaxiCosi.


The Babboe big is developed to be a fun and secure way to transport kids. The models are designed and developed in the Netherlands by an engineering company and Babboe chose to pick only high quality materials to build their cargo bike. Beside the materials, the bakfiets comes with some specific safety features.

The cargo bikes are tested by an International testing agency on durability, load capacity and safety.


All bikes are delivered at your doorstep, not sure if it will fit some spaces? Please visit this page to see what the measurements are.

Load capacity

The load capacity of a Babboe City has been tested for 80 kg.

The load capacity of a Babboe Curve, Big and Transporter is 100 kg and has been proven safe.



Babboe Big Cargo Bike

Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

Babboe Curve Cargo Bike

Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

Babboe City Cargo Bike

Babboe City Electric Cargo Bike



Order process

The order process of Babboe’s webshop is a couple of simple steps. Please make sure you correctly fill in your personal details. We need your address for delivery of the Bakfiets, but also for any warranty related issues if any occur. We use your e-mail address for communication about your order, for example; confirming your order. When we do not receive any response on your e-mail address, we will use your phone number to see if we can get a respond.

Your right to return

You have the right to return any goods bought on the internet within 7 days after your order is delivered. All return costs are for your account. Read more about this in the terms and conditions.

Trade or return

Cargo bikes

Might the bakfiets not be in perfect shape when delivered, please do not sign the papers and return the cargo bike with the chauffeur. Please contact us after for further details. 
So try to make a test ride on arrival.


See above.

Cancel/ change order

You can cancel your order by sending an email to, please add your order number. When you have already paid for the order, we will deposit the amount back as soon as possible.

We can only change an order when the order is not yet in process. Make sure you got everything you need, after you pay the order is in process and cannot be changed. When you have forgotten to buy something, then you can make a separate order for the items you still need. This order will be send separately.

When you want to make any changes before you have paid your order, you can send an email to; please add order number. By mail you will receive an adjusted price, which you can pay in full.

Order status

You receive an order number and order status, right after you finished the order. In your own account you can see the order status. Status “paid, in process” means that the order is in process and will be transferred to our logistic partner. Our logistic partner will send you a message when they will deliver the cargo bike. All separate items ordered on Babboe UK are being send to you without any message, you can receive the goods within a week, if we have it in stock.


Payment methodes

You can choose between different ways of payment to buy your cargo bike or accessory:

Bank transfer:

You can pay by bank transfer. The bank details are written below;
IBAN    NL34 RABO 0147561663
Name: Babboe UK

As soon as the payment is being processed, the delivery of your Babboe bakfiets will be planned. You will be informed about the delivery.

Credit Card:

It is also possible to pay by Credit Card. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Payment with Cycle Scheme:

Please visit the Cycle Scheme website for more information. Or ask your Human Resource department for more information.


Delivery and Shipment


All Babboe Cargo Bikes will be delivered at your doorstep and fully assembled, free of charge.

Delivery dates

Please view the complete list of estimated delivery time.

Delivery costs

Cargo bikes are free of charge.

Accessories ordered separately are charged with £ 12,52.(including VAT). If you forgot an accessory, please contact us.

Shipment measures

On this site all our measurement are listed.



Warranty of your Cargo Bike

All Babboe Cargo Bikes comes standard with 5 years of warranty on the frame and 2 years on gears and breaks. For further details please visit our warranty page.

NOTE: After three months your Babboe bakfiets is in need of service. Every Babboe model needs it. You can visit a local bike (repair) shop to get all parts checked. When no service is attended within three months the warranty will be no longer in effect.

Warranty on accessories

Also the accessories of Babboe come standard with 6 months warranty. Some exceptions do occur, they are reported seperately.

Claiming warranty

When you want to claim your warranty, please contact us.


Frame number

When you want to insure your cargobike, you have to send your frame number to an insurance company. This number is unique and is engraved in your bike. It is located on the left bottom bracket.

In the case you cannot find it, contact us.

Bakfiets insurance

There are plenty of insurance companies for bikes to protect your precious cargo bike from damage/ theft/ etc.

Babboe has no deal/contract with any insurance company.

Go to any bike insurance page for more information.


Babboe has a high kwality chainlock, this lock is ART approved with three stars, accepted by many insurance companies. The locks are delivered with three keys. Find more information on the lock here.


Tips and Instructions

Assembly service

When you need to (re)assemble any part of your Babboe cargo bike or accessory, then please visit our instruction section.

Maintenance Tips

The Babboe bakfietsen require the same maintenance as every ordinary bicycle. The moving parts need to be oiled occasionally, the gears and breaks need to be set at the right time.

To maintain your warranty, you have to bring your bike to a service point within three months. You need to let them check the following components:

Readjust the gears

Readjust the breaks

Control the spokes and chain tension

Oiling the moving parts

Visit for further tips and terms of conditions



Log-in Problems

Cannot Log into your account? Here are various reasons what might be the problem:

You made an account on our previous website (before July 2009). The account details are no longer active. Please contact us for more information if you need any.

What if your account is made after July 2009 and you still cannot log in? Please first make sure you us the right email address and password. Still not working? Try “Request new password”.

If all fails, please contact us!


As a customer of Babboe we like to inform you about all our new developments, also fixes for certain problems. Approximately once a week you will receive the Babboe newsletter. When you do not want to receive the newsletter, please unsubscribe here.

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