Babboe Big, Dog and Cargo - Warranty conditions

This warranty is only for a Babboe Big purchased in the United Kingdom from 

Babboe does not cover under the warranty any defects, if the Babboe product has been purchased second hand or from an unauthorized seller.  The warranty is not transferrable.

Babboe is only obliged to offer warranty services to consumers who can present proof and date of purchase.

These warranty conditions are applicable for manufacturing defects.  The different periods of the warranty are described below.  This warranty does not include normal wear and tear.

The following are included in the warranty:

1)   Parts 

Brake System & Brake Levers



Saddle, Saddle Post and Quick Release Lever

Handle Bars, Stub Axle and Handgrips

Steering Damper 



Frame Lock


Crank Shaft (Bottom Bracket)

Front Lights

Rear Light

2)   Frame

The following are excluded from the warranty:

  • - damaged and flat tires
  • - brakes and acceleration cables that have stretched as a result of normal use
  • - loose or broken spokes
  • - parts added later that are not authorised Babboe parts and accessories
  • - Babboes used as rental bikes
  • - rust
  • - and loose bolts and nuts

Warranty Periods

  • - 2 years for “Parts”
  • - 5 years for the “Frame”

The warranty period starts on the day of delivery

Attention! Your warranty is no longer valid if...

  • - defects are caused by misuse or insufficient maintenance;
  • - defects are caused by improper assembly, which means assembly that differs from the official assembly instructions. These assembly instructions are shipped with the Babboe and can also be found on the  website;
  • - defects are caused by abnormal, injudicious, incorrect or careless use of the product, which means:
    • driving up and down sidewalks curbs
    • riding against curbs
    • cycling on two wheels
    • exceeding the maximum weight in the carrier box (>100kg)
    • cycling backwards
  • - defects are caused by non-expert repairs or modifications to the product, or by non-expert replacement of components of the product;
  • - second-hand parts are used for repair, unless approved by Babboe;
  • - the damage arises from using the Babboe during competitions or for sporting purposes;
  • - defects are caused by an accident or other mishaps caused by external circumstances or acts of God.

Conditions of this warranty: 

Three Month Check-Up – A condition of this warranty is a maintenance check-up of the Babboe with a professional bike mechanic 3 months after purchase of the Babboe.  The 3 month check-up involves fine-tuning of gears, brakes, and spokes.

Replacement of Parts

If a part needs to be replaced, it will be replaced by a part that is substantially equivalent to the original from a technical and optical point of view, based on the available technology at the time of replacement.


Abuse of the warranty can lead to a reclaim of the incurred costs.


Babboe does not accept any responsibility or liability for incorrect (re)assembly, nor for any consequences or damages arising out of incorrect (re)assembly.

Making a Warranty Claim

Please email Babboe Customer Service at and please include your order number, if you want to make a warranty claim.


Do not ride the bicycle without checking that the brakes and gears are properly functioning. Please check your brakes and gears regularly, and if required, adjust them according to the instructions in the instruction manual, or ask your local bike shop or cycle mechanic to adjust them for you. 

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