Babboe City - warranty conditions

This warranty is only for a Babboe City purchased on

Babboe does not cover under the warranty any defects, if the Babboe product has been purchased second hand or from an unauthorized seller. The warranty is not transferrable.

Babboe is only obliged to offer warranty services to consumers who can present proof and date of purchase.

These warranty conditions are applicable for manufacturing defects. The different periods of the warranty are described below. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear.

In detail; the following parts include under warranty:

Warranty Terms:

  • 5 years on frame (by rust perforation);
  • 2 years (not to normal wear parts);
  • 12 months on the wooden panels of the bucket;
  • The warranty period starts on the day of delivery;
  • The warranty is personal and not transferable;

If no regular maintenance has been committed (maintenance after +/- 3 months[1] and service the 2nd year after purchase[2]), the warranty on parts not subject to normal wear and tear expires.

Babboe BV does not cover bills of any third party.

Overview Components not subject to wear:

  • Saddle
  • Stem
  • Monobloc calipers
  • Gear hub
  • Lock
  • Seat
  • Handles
  • Brake Levers
  • Shifter
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering damper
  • Cranks
  • Headset

Damage caused during transport or other damage and / flaws:

You should check the cargo bike, the package and accessories directly on delivery. We take no complaints of visible and other defects of the product / component after two days of delivery.

Please note that your warranty expires, if;

  • the defects are caused by improper use or inadequate maintenance;
  • not normal, injudicious, improper or careless use of the product;
  • riding on and off curbs;
  • bumping against curbs;
  • riding on two wheels;
  • loading of the cargo bike above the maximum load of 80 kg;
  • reverse cycle;
  • repairs carried out by non-experts or modifications to the product, as well as replacement of parts of the product not acknowledged by Babboe;
  • If used parts are used (unless approved by Babboe);
  • In case of damage, arising from the use during games or use for sport purposes;
  • In case of damage, arising as a result of an accident or another external calamity.

No Warranty:

  • Retrofitted, not to the delivery program Babboe BV related components and equipment;
  • Damaged and punctures of the tires, stretching brakes and gear cables through normal use (adjustment and readjustment of the brake and acceleration) and the readjustment of wheels and spokes for use, and spoke breakage;
  • For loose bolts and nuts;
  • Corrosion;
  • Cargo bikes that are used for rental;
  • Any further (warranty) claims are excluded.

Replacement of parts:

When replacement of parts is required, this is done by means of an original part and optically equivalent part, based on the current state of the art. No claim can be made on an identical part. No claim can be made on the installation of a replacement part if Babboe believes that the consumer with a written guidance can perform it. In this case Babboe BV may opt to send the parts.


Abuse of the guarantee could lead to the declaration of the costs incurred by Babboe BV.

Claim warranty:

If you wish to make a warranty claim please contact Babboe BV; o.v.v. your order
or by telephone +31 ( 0 ) 33-7410740 (on weekdays from 8:00am to 01:00pm).

If the service department on base of the information received can not fix or repair under the warranty, the mechanic will indicate whether the repair is covered by the warranty of Babboe BV. The service department can also ask the customer to send the component to Babboe BV, Babboe will decide if that part is covered by the warranty.


Babboe BV will not reimburse costs if third parties performing repairs on the cargo bikes.


Do not drive without checking the brakes and gears are working properly.
Regularly check if the brakes and gears are working properly and if necessary adjust them in accordance with the instructionso, r by a qualified bicycle specialist.

For questions or to report a complaint, please contact us (make sure you have your order at hand) :

Babboe BV
Tel: +31 (0)33-7410740 (for questions, complaints and information)
E-mail: (for questions, complaints and information) 

[1] Maintenance consists of checking out the following components;

  • • adjustment gear,
  • • adjustment brakes,
  • • Check wire and chain tension,
  • • Lubricate moving parts. 

[2] Maintenance interval after the second year of purchase;

  • • Check adjustment gear,
  • • Check brake adjustment,
  • • Check wire and chain tension,
  • • Lubricate moving parts,
  • • retrace the entire cycle defects.
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