Universal protection pajama cover


The Universal cover is compatible with all of Babboe Cargo Bikes and it protects from the external elements. It is possible that you can not park your Cargo Bike safe and in shelter. To still protect it, we recommend using a protective cover.

Our protective cover is ideal for the following reasons:
- It can be used with or without the rain tent.
- It is comparable to plastic covers for car or motorcycle, including highly resistant to wind and waterproof.
- It is provided with a spring on the front and rear edges to be held in place even in case of wind. If the cover is too large, the use of a tension or a comparable system secures the cover to the cargo bike so it does not fly off.
- the flexibility of the material allows easy storage.
- It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The cover should be tight, fixing the front elastic in the tray and integrating the rear wheel. The use of a tensioner prevents the cover from blowing away in case of high wind.

Product Specifications

Accessory for Babboe Big, Babboe City, Babboe Curve, Babboe Big-E, Babboe City-E, Babboe Curve-E, Babboe Dog, Babboe Dog-E
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