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New year's resolution: leave your car at home!

Buy a Babboe and get 15% off on your choice of accessories

Babboe aims for more biking kilometres!
2020 will be the year of the bike—at least, as far as Babboe is concerned. After all, it’s cleaner, healthier, and more fun than taking the car. So, leave the car and your ice scraper at home and jump on your bike to get some fresh air and have a fun time with the kids. Babboe would like to help you with this. Buy a Babboe now, and get 15% off on all of the accessories you choose. This promotion is valid until 13th March 2020.

Use this code to receive your discount: BABBOE15

So, do you want to get the year off to a good start? Add a Babboe to your family.

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Do you already have a Babboe at home? Don't worry, we'll gladly help you too. Enter the discount code and get a 15% discount on a maintenance package including a bicycle pump, cyclon spreak spray, cyclone vaseline spray, and a cleaning brush (£52,07). That way, you can get back on track for even more bike kilometres in 2020!

Use the code below to receive 15% discount on the maintenance package:


Maintenance package

Promotional conditions

  • 15% discount on accessories only applies once when purchasing a cargo bike or leasing a cargo bike.
  • This promotion does not apply to show models, construction kits, Babboe Max-E, Babboe Transporter (-E).
  • This offer applies to your own purchase of a cargo bike.
  • This discount is not valid in combination with other discounts.
  • Valid for cargo bikes ordered between 6th January and 12th March 2020.