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Babboe Slim on Tour

With two toddlers on a cargo bike through Europe

Together with their two children (2 and 3 years old), Yuge and her husband James will travel more than 600 km from The Netherlands to their home in Southampton on a cargo bicycle. They will travel through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and England. The reason is the introduction of the new "Slim Mountain" cargo bike from Babboe. With a revolutionary new design, it is the ideal cargo bike to cover long distances and hilly terrain. So it’s perfect for a cycling holiday with small children.

Check their latest photos and videos in the Boet Magazine UK.

Babboe Slim on Tour map

Saturday 25 May their journey started in Amersfoort (NL) and they will travel via Nijmegen (NL), Aachen (DE), Maastricht (NL), Ghent (BE), Bruges (BE), Calais (FRA) and Dover (UK), ending their journey in Southampton (UK) where the family lives.

Yuge - Babboe Slim on Tour

"We are very happy with this unique cycling holiday from Babboe. We have been on a cycling holiday with the family before, but never on a cargo bike. Before we cycled through France with our children for two weeks, but on regular bikes. With this new shape of electric cargo bike it’s a lot easier to go on a cycling holiday with our two toddlers. It is also more fun, we can interact a lot more with our kids in front of us, compared to a bicycle trailer or regular child seats. We can also take more stuff with us on this bike, so that’s more convenient."- Yuge (34), winner of the Babboe Slim cycling holiday.

Babboe Slim On Tour - Interview on the BBC with Yuge

Via #BabboeSlimOnTour you can follow the family on social media during their journey through Europe. Also check Boet Magazine UK for all blogs and vlogs on the road.

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