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Here you can find all our types of cargo bikes. Should you opt for a sporty, two-wheel electric box bike or a robust, stable three-wheel cargo bike? With or without electric pedal assistance?
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Bakfiets: popular in the Netherlands for almost 100 years

As the name implies, cargo bikes were originally used to transport goods. In the Netherlands, the so-called bakfiets has been made by the Kastein family in Rotterdam since 1924. At the time, these were primarily bakfiets bikes for the transport of goods. A few years later, Kastein began producing cargo bikes with a design copied from cars. Until the bakfiets bike was completely replaced by cars by the mid-20th century, they were commonly used to transport baked goods and the post as well as to take the injured to hospital.

Cargo bikes are currently experiencing a revival. Many young families have discovered that such a cargo bike makes everyday life easier and richer. In addition, people are increasingly seeking ways to live conscientiously and sustainably. This includes as little driving or car sharing as possible. This is where the cargo e-bike comes into play, because it solves several challenges at once. The cargo e-bike is economical and environmentally friendly, while still getting you to your destination quickly. And a dailydose of exercise can be easily integrated into everyone's daily routine.

The advantages of a cargo e-bike from Babboe:

Babboe has the right cargo bike for every wallet. Our entry-level model for 2-wheeled cargo bikes is the Babboe Mini, while the Babboe City offers more cargo room. The Babboe Big is the base model for 3-wheeled cargo trikes and there's also the Babboe Carve, the designer cargo bike you've always dreamt of. All Babboe cargo bikes are inspired by children and are continually developed based on the needs of our Babboe families.

The safety of our drivers and their small passengers is our top priority. Babboe cargo bikes meet all requirements and are tested. We also offer matching accessories to help you stay safe, fast, and dry. You can buy our cargo bikes at a dealer near you. Or you can order it right here in our webshop. All bikes are delivered free of charge and are already assembled.

Prefer to go sporty or more comfort with the cargo e-bike?

There are countless possible uses for cargo bikes and the right cargo bike for every need. If, for example, you use your cargo bike to take the kids to day care and then head off to work, a cargo e-bike is definitely advisable. But businesses would also find an electric cargo trike useful. With the Babboe Transporter, Babboe has come up with the ideal solution for businesses. This cargo trike lets you offer your services anywhere and everywhere, while giving you mobile advertising space. Fans of our transporter include painters and mobile hairdressers. This cargo trike is also great for dog owners, especially in the special electric Babboe Dog-E. Take your favourite four-legged friends on outings to the great outdoors and skip the annoying car ride in between. Prefer to go sporty? Or planning to use the cargo bike mostly for short distances? Then choose a cargo trike or bike without an electric drive.