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Babboe Cargo Bikes - By Parents For Parents

The Babboe cargo bike is an initiative of Dutch parents. Like many other parents in Holland, they were looking for a comfortable, safe and affordable cargo bike. None of the existing cargo bikes fitted their hopes and expectations and that is why they decided to develop their own top quality cargo bike. In 2007, the first Babboe cargo bikes were realized and sold in the Netherlands. The Babboe cargo bike is now part of the Dutch daily family life.

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Cargo Bikes in the United Kingdom

3 wheel cargo bike, cargo bikeIn 2010, after receiving many requests from UK parents who were looking for a safe and comfortable way of transporting their kids, we decided to expand our distribution to your beautiful shores. Cities are getting crowded and a car is no longer the best option to transport kids too school or day-care. The Babboe cargo bike is viewed by many as the perfect, safe and affordable solution to transport kids. To begin, we first introduced our basic model, the 3-wheel Babboe Big. However, as we have discovered more and more interest from UK parents, we have enlarged the choice and added the 2-wheel cargo bike. We now have various models of the Babboe cargo bike available in the UK to meet all the different needs of young parents, including models with electric pedal assistance for hilly areas or longer distances.

Choose your Babboe Cargo Bike

In which of our cargo bikes will you make your everyday family life easier and more enjoyable? A 2-wheel or a 3-wheel cargo bike, with or without electric pedal assistance? A cargo box with retro wooden panels or a cargo box fully decorated with accessories? All Babboe cargo bikes and accessories are exclusively designed by parents for parents to meet the needs of parents with young children. Do you have any ideas or requests? Please share them with us!

Babboe Cargo bikes, Cargo Bike, 3 wheel bike, 2 wheel bike box

What do we have to offer?

3-wheel Based Babboe Cargo Bikes
2-wheel Based Babboe Cargo Bikes
Or read all about the Electric Babboe Cargo Bikes here.

All Babboe cargo bikes are delivered at your house, fully assembled, ready to go!

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